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Dr. Bart Precourt: Whispered Advice for a Peaceful Life

By Dr. Bart Precourt (Doctor of Chiropractic)

What if I told you that one of the most important doctors in your life is Dr. Quiet? Ironically, most people don’t know who Dr. Quiet is or what they do. 

Recently, Dr. Quiet has been pushed aside and at times completely ignored. I’ve heard “I can’t sit still” from more people this past year than ever before. I know we like to be active, yet are we uncomfortable with stillness and silence? It’s hard to put into words how to describe these past two years…. chaotic, crazy, and exhausting are some words that come to mind. Maybe the best is “uncertain.” Uncertainty leads to anxiety, small thinking and fight-or-flight instincts, moving us farther away from our best selves.

Collectively, there has never been so much uncertainty on a day-to-day basis. Politics, viruses, riots, mandates … yuck! These things are so common now that they have almost become normalized. 

So, what does Dr. Quiet prescribe? You guessed it: QUIET TIME.

Time for us to be alone with our thoughts, our body, and our spirit. And yes… most (maybe all) people are uncomfortable without a constant source of stimuli. Social media, news, podcasts, music, kids, business, etc. 

What has this uncertainty caused? Tragically, we’ve addicted our nervous systems to crave stimuli. It’s called sympathetic dominance, and it reduces our capacity for love, creativity, kindness, health, and living to our fullest. Oh yeah… and it wears us out, downregulates our immune system, creates hormone imbalances, and essentially turns us into walking zombies.

The good news is that there is an easy, or at least identifiable, fix. Bring back Dr. Quiet!

The most common question Dr. Quiet will ask is, “Does this serve me?”

Here are three key tips to establish a new “normal,” one that serves you:


Assessing our quality of sleep is one of the most important health strategies to have. Dr. Quiet encourages us to pay close attention to sleep quality. Sleeping is when we heal, when we recover, and most importantly, when we shift out of fight-or-flight from sympathetic activity into parasympathetic activity. Eight hours is still the benchmark. This should happen naturally without the need for wine or medications. We should feel rested when we wake. Well-rested people are often more patient, kinder, and nicer, to be around. Kindness is contagious, and being more rested serves us all. 


Dr. Quiet also encourages us to take a moment to shut down the noise and create SPACE and PAUSE. No phone, emails, or TV. Shut it all down. This could be meditation, prayer time or a walk without your phone. Even a time-out from family (including kids). Why? So we can listen. Listen to our thoughts and hear what our bodies are saying. The number of people walking around unconnected to their mind and body, unconscious to the words they are using and typing is staggering. Creating space to listen to our bodies helps make for better food choices. The more we listen to our body, the more control we have over our health, emotions, and life. Without this, anxiety can start to creep in; weight gain and sedating with food or alcohol takes over. When we give ourselves space, fear and convenience won’t drive our decision making. This SPACE is critical for creativity, personal growth and healthy relationships. Don’t be surprised if only Dr. Quiet addresses these important issues. This is kind of the unspoken part of being healthy. 


Dr. Quiet pays close attention to our energy. Where are we gaining it, and where are we losing it? Sources of energy include food, relationships, exercise, and thoughts. Dr. Quiet advises you to stop wasting your precious energy on anything that does not provide a R.O.E. (Return on Energy). Plug up the leaks. Arguing with some random person who thinks differently than you on Facebook is a classic energy leak. That’s energy you will never get back. When we have all kinds of clutter coming in and out, we deplete our batteries. Using the advice of Dr. Quiet will protect our energy and help develop a new normal. Good energy is magnetic, attractive, and fun to be around. Go get some. 

Dr. Quiet has been overshadowed by Doctors Doom and Gloom for way too long. Use some of Dr. Quiet’s tips and unleash the best version of you. 

To learn more, visit Dr. Bart Precourt’s website or follow him on Facebook.


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