New Video Captures Local Family’s Home Building Journey

When Santa Rosa Beach real estate broker Blake Morar started planning a home for his family, he knew he needed a comfortable, livable space for himself and his two young sons.

He also wanted to capture the essence of life on 30A.

So, Morar set out to build a 2,300 square foot home along Draper Lake — one of Scenic 30A’s rare coastal dune lakes. His personal dream team of collaborators included designer Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors, architect Geoff Chick of Geoff Chick & Associates, contractor Burt Cosson of Eucheeana Valley Construction and videographer Derek Makekau of 20/30 North Studios, who documented the entire process from beginning to end in a video entitled, Our 30A Home:

My 30A Home 1 (1)Today, Morar’s lifestyle truly exemplifies the live / work / play model that Scenic Highway 30A has become world-famous for.

“It’s extremely close to my office. I can walk there,” said Morar. “Last Monday, I walked down to the boathouse and was paddling on my YOLO Board by 6:30 in the morning. I paddled with 3 or 4 pods of dolphins who were feeding on baitfish and was diving for sand dollars, all before I walked to work. Having Draper Lake as our backdrop is a pretty phenomenal experience.”