30A Launches Apparel Line Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

The 30A Company launched a new line of recycled apparel designed to decrease human impact on the environment, while celebrating the unique aspects of small-town beach life found along Florida’s gulf coast.

Called Dumpster Diver, the eco-friendly product line includes t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, beach cover-ups, tank tops and more, all made from water bottles and other recycled plastics salvaged from southeast landfills.

With many designs now available in multiple styles and coastal colors (and more on the way), each Dumpster Diver t-shirt features a beach-inspired theme, including words, phrases and images associated with gulf coast lifestyle and culture.

Dumpster Diver is the latest product line from The 30A Company, a lifestyle media and merchandising brand founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Mike Ragsdale in South Walton, Florida. The company has built a loyal base of more than 500,000 Facebook fans, and has shipped over 18,000 orders of its 30A Gear to customers in all 50 states.

“We’ve spent nearly two years researching and developing 30A’s Dumpster Diver brand and could not be more excited to finally launch,” said Ragsdale.

Interesting facts about 30A Dumpster Diver shirts:

— All Dumpster Diver tees, polos and hoodies are produced using a ‘trash-shred-spin-wear’ manufacturing process in which discarded plastic waste is collected from landfills, shred, spun into yarn and woven with recycled cotton.

— Green shirts are made from green plastic bottles, such as Mountain Dew and 7-UP bottles. Brown shirts are made from plastic root beer bottles. White shirts are made from clear water bottles and other clear plastics. Gray shirts are made from recycled x-ray film. Black shirts are made from black “to-go” boxes. Blue and pink shirts are made from clear water bottles and are then dyed.

— Each shirt saves the equivalent of approximately eight 16-ounce water bottles from landfills in the southeast.

— Designs are printed at 30A’s facility in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida using a modern digital printing process, which is a much more environmentally friendly approach than traditional screen-printing.

30A Dumpster Diver Flag
Click here to browse 30A’s new Dumpster Diver shirts designs.

“As a brand, we wanted to create a product that not only reflects our sincere love of the beach, but also demonstrates the responsibility we maintain to leave the lowest impact possible on the environment around us,” said Ragsdale.

Sustainable and stylish, 30A Dumpster Diver shirts are now available at 30AGear.com, at our official 30A Stores in Gulf Place, Seagrove Plaza, Rosemary Beach and Pier Park, and in a growing number of retail locations across the United States.

30A Dumpster Diver

Check out this behind-the-scenes peek at the new line:

Behind-the-scenes sneak peek of our new line!3…2…1… and we’re LIVE with a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of our new line!

Posted by 30A on Monday, June 20, 2016

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