Grayt Grounds is All Kinds of Great

Susan-Vallee-100x100By Susan Vallee

monet-1Are you in town and looking for a true 30A experience? Or perhaps you just really need a hug? Either way, Grayt Grounds’ owner Cheri Peebles has you covered. Known for her infectious smile, her love of hugs and inspirational quotes, Cheri has been spreading the love in Grayton Beach for more than 15 years, and now she has created a place that celebrates art, food and music.

Located right off of 30A in Grayton Beach, Grayt Grounds is located in the Monet Monet house. Inspired by Monet’s home in Giverny, France, the house includes beautiful gardens, a water lilypond, bubbling fountains and plenty of comfortable chairs to pass the time in.

Cheri Peebles

At night, tiny white lights twisted around the trunks of towering oaks lend a sense of magic to the space. To hear live music performed in this place is a wondrous experience. Cheri quickly realized this and expanded the event calendar to include not just weddings, but also music, art workshops and her newest concept: 50/50 Nights.

“It’s a little bit of music and a little bit of art,” said Cheri. “We want to create good energy in the neighborhood.”


Grayt Grounds is also a great place to grab coffee or tea. Breakfast foods are prepared by the in-house catering company, so you know it’ll be good, and most mornings Cheri can be found hugging someone that has just walked in the door and discovered their new favorite hang-out spot.

“I give hugs because when you give a hug you get a hug,” said Cheri. “It’s all about love.”

Stop by today and check out the happenings at this special little place. And if you hear a complete stranger call you “huuney” you can bet that is Cheri. Just smile and get ready for a squeeze that will make your whole day.

For more info, contact Grayt Grounds at 850-231-1090.

SUSAN VALLEE has been writing about the beauty and quirkiness of 30A for longer than she’d care to admit. A transplant from Atlanta, Susan loves the small town feel and tight knit local community here. She’s currently writing a book about this fabulous place, to be published in Spring of 2014.

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