Brews To Go: Growler Garage Offers Craft Beer for the Beach Crowd - 30A

Brews To Go: Growler Garage Offers Craft Beer for the Beach Crowd

Beer, beach and bike aficionados now have a new reason to hang out on 30A: Mitch Omar’s Growler Garage.

The business near Gulf Place and has been rocking ever since it opened earlier this year. It’s hard to describe the place without setting eyes on it. Everything in the store is made of custom chrome and hand-painted metal fashioned at Omar’s motorcycle shop in Memphis — the bar itself, the motorcycles, electric guitars and surf boards on display, even the light-switch plates.

NOTE: For those new to the craft beer movement, a “growler” is a container for beer (or even wine!).

growler-stackedBehind the beautiful chrome bar you’ll find 40 craft beers, a few wines, and often Omar, who is living out his dream of owning a beach business on 30A.

“It’s a great concept and after coming down here for a number of years and owning a home, I knew there was nothing like this not only on 30A, but in the vicinity,” Omar said recently. “It’s basically craft beer to go.”

The store offers plastic and stainless steel growlers so customers can order their beer and head right on down to the beach where no glass, the traditional growler material, is allowed. They also offer chrome and glass bottles for customers who might return often for refills or want a collector’s item.

This type of business is new to Florida (the law allowing it was passed just two years ago) but it’s already been a hit on 30A.

While Growler Garage is not a bar — there are no tables or bar stools inside — customers have been stopping in and filling up the store’s small patio out front to enjoy their beer and socialize.

“We’ve been surprised by the popularity of the patio,” Omar said. “It’s slammed out there.”

Located just across from the public Ed Walline Beach Access, the store is a perfect stop-in on the way to the beach. Just a few steps away and customers can have their toes in the sand and a cold craft beer in hand.

Find more info about the Growler Garage on their Facebook page and website.