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30A’s Ultimate Guide to Grayton Beach, Florida

Our hand-picked experiences and attractions in Grayton Beach, Florida!


The orange glow of a late-day sun casts over a sign that reads “Nice Dogs. Strange People.” But ask any local and they’ll tell you the Grayton Beach story goes far beyond that. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Its tale begins with Army Major Charles T. Gray for whom this small beach town is named. In 1885, he built his homestead on the shores that were deemed too sandy for farming, and with no nearby bridges or highways making it easily accessible, it would be a long time before it became the Grayton we know today. CONTINUE READING…


Shopping in Grayton Beach

While not as closely clustered as shops in some of the other planned communities, the fun, funky and fiercely independent retailers of Grayton Beach are certainly worth exploring. North of Scenic Highway 30-A, there are the colorful Shops of Grayton, where you can find multiple talented artists including Saczynski Gallery, the Studio Gallery,

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Beach chairs at Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach State Park

Consistently voted one of the world’s most beautiful and pristine beaches (and frequently hailed as the #1 beach in America), Grayton Beach State Park is a 2,000-acre national treasure that features camping, hiking, various YOLO board and eco-tour activities, biking trails through sand dunes and pine Flatwoods, a rare coastal

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GRAYT WALL Helps Bring Grayton Beach Community Together

For years, Grayton Beach visitors have seen several pieces of art hung along the 80’ of fence line perpendicular to the shops and restaurants of Hotz Avenue. But, when the iconic restaurant, The Red Bar, unexpectedly caught fire in February 2019, many of the pieces were lost. “I asked Joyce

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Locals at Play: Grayton Beach Volleyball Sets Up Weekly

You will find them on the beach every Monday and Wednesday after work unloading beach chairs, coolers, putting up nets, and getting ready for a fun evening of volleyball. Grayton Beach Volleyball isn’t a formal club, but it’s become known around the community as a fun place to play, socialize

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Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse

Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse is a quaint and quirky favorite with locals and long-timers alike. Skim the morning newspaper in Hibiscus’ lush courtyard, with coffee and breakfast. A cute spot for intimate weddings and romantic getaways. Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse is located in the heart of Grayton Beach. 30A ????️ ????

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Grayton Seafood Co.

Located in Uptown Grayton, Grayton Seafood Co. represents everything the small beach town stands for – local, fresh and neighborly. It’s your best bet for procuring Gulf shrimp and locally sourced seafood, caught fresh everyday. Call or text 850-714-2155 for reservations. 30A ????️ ???? Grayton Beach, Florida BEACH HAPPY ????️

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Borago’s Italian menu is a favorite among locals, and it’s consistently voted one of 30A’s hottest spots for Italian cuisine, for great reason. Saddle up next to Borago’s bar upstairs to dine (and drink) like an authentic local, or hit their new beach bar downstairs for a more casual menu.

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Nanbu Noodle Bar

The word “Nanbu” itself is Japanese for “southerner,” and once you visit Nanbu Noodle Bar you’ll understand exactly why this choice in names makes perfect sense. The cuisine may be Asian in culture, but everything about this Grayton Beach eatery is synonymous with the hospitality associated with the Deep South.

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Red Bar

NOTE: On February 13, 2019, an early morning fire destroyed The Red Bar and Piccolo’s Restaurant, the beloved Grayton Beach landmark. We are happy to note that they are in the process of rebuilding. Learn more here. A local institution that’s not to be missed, Grayton Beach‘s Red Bar is quintessential

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Black Bear Bread Co.

Black Bear Bread Co. is the newest culinary offering from Chef Phil McDonald and restauranteur Dave Rauschkolb of Bud & Alley’s fame. It serves as a neighborhood bakery, coffee shop and all-day seasonal café. Freshly-baked naturally leavened bread, dynamically seasonal produce and sensible sourcing are the inspiration for the dine-in café

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October on the Beach

Grayton Beach State Park Named Among Top 10 Beaches in U.S.

Grayton Beach State Park has once again been named among the Top Ten Best Beaches in the 26th Annual Top 10 Beach List produced by coastal expert Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, professor at Florida International University, better known to many as Dr. Beach. Grayton Beach State Park features sugar-white sand and emerald-green water

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Beach Permits: Everything You Need to Know

Here, on 30A, there is lots of fun to be had within the limits of the county laws. Everything you need to know about beach permits and rules required for certain beach activities is right here. Vehicles Driving your vehicle on the beach is not allowed at most beaches along

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Grayton Beach Air Navigation Marker Restored

The visual air navigation signage that once marked Grayton Beach for pilots has been restored on Defuniak Street in Grayton Beach, Florida after decades. Residents and supporters have worked for many years to have the sign, which dates back to World War II, restored after it was paved over. In

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