Photographer Captures Magical Shape of Water in Images

Mini Wave by Kevin Freese Photography

The shape of water has never looked as magical as when Kevin Freese captures it in a photo.

From the gentle surf against a vivid purple and orange sunset to the tempest of a cresting wave, Freese’s Instagram account features the many spectacular moods of the 30A coastline.

His photos perfectly capture water in motion, combining his visual artistry and technical expertise for stunning effect.

While Freese includes a variety of shots on Instagram – even a few of a frozen landscape – it’s not surprising the ocean plays a central role: it’s one of his favorite subjects to photograph.

“What I’m really into right now would be any kind of surf or underwater photography. Sunsets or sunrises are a close second,” Freese said, adding that he also enjoys taking photos of the Milky Way.

Freese was raised in Enterprise, Alabama and now resides in Montgomery. He shoots most of his photos along the west end of Panama City Beach and along Scenic Highway 30-A.

A self-taught photographer, he bought his first digital single-lens reflex camera about 10 years ago and has been teaching himself over the years.

For now, photography is something he does on the side. But someday, he hopes to make photography his livelihood.

He finds being behind the lens is a good stress reliever.

“It’s just so relaxing. I work a regular job during the week and when I’m taking photos, I get so involved with what I’m doing and where I’m at that I forget about everything that happened during the week and all my stress just fades away,” he said.

“I’m mean, what better way to relieve your stress than by playing in the waves and watching a sunset?”

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M.J. GRENZOW is a freelance writer who loves the beach and super-fast recipes that remind her of the water. When she’s not actually at the beach, she’s plotting her next escape to sand and surf.

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