Klear Kanoos — Klearly the ‘Next Big Thing’ Along The Emerald Coast

By Lauren Lege

“It’s like scuba diving without the wet suits and tanks.” –Vicki Baker, Klear Kanoo enthusiast.

Klear Kanoo which debuted its original transparent canoe last summer, is releasing an updated version this season. The new Klear Kanoo has shed its original aluminum frame, is equipped with two clear seats, and comes with two clear paddles. With no visible boundary between you and the world below, this craft is ideal for fishermen.

1613759_556916817746103_7953111348093355161_nMade of polycarbonate, Klear Kanoos are extremely durable and resistant to any wear and tear they may endure. (Fighter jet canopies are also made of polycarbonate, to give you some perspective on their durability.)

But their heavy-duty make up comes at no compromise to their agility. Weighing in at only 39 lbs, this canoe is just as dexterous as it is indestructible.

“As the premier engineering thermoplastic, polycarbonate replaces the limitations of many traditional materials with its unmatched combination of high performance features,” said Silvia Madriaga of Klear Kanoo. “Products made from polycarbonate are shatter-resistant and virtually indestructible.”

For more info, visit Klear Kanoo or call 850-598-0454.

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