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Coolest Live Beach Cams from Around the World

By Shannon Serpette

Do you need a beach fix right now? If you don’t have the time or the money to head there yourself, you can still get one, thanks to the magic of technology. Live beach cams are set up throughout the world, giving you the views that you’re craving. If you have a vacation coming up, you can check current conditions and see what the surf is like.

We’re sharing our favorite beach cams from all over the globe.

1. Crystal Bay in Thailand

Crystal Bay Yacht Club. Photo Credit: Crystal Bay Yacht Club via Facebook.

Beaches in Thailand are gorgeous, but what really makes this beach cam shine is the sound quality. This webcam at Crystal Bay’s yacht club, located in Koh Samui, can make you feel like your toes are in the sand and you’re listening to the waves.

2. Hawaii’s Maui Sands’ Humpback Whale Sanctuary

This beach cam captures the sounds of the crashing waves, and at a surprisingly loud volume. The video goes back and forth from a far away view to close ups of the waves, so you’re not getting the same view the whole time.

3. WaterSound Beach Club in Florida

This webcam makes our list because of its stunning views of the horizon. You aren’t just seeing waves coming in – you’re getting a complete picture of what you’d see if you were standing back away from the beach.

4. Benidorm Beach in Spain

This camera streams from the hotel, Torre Dorada, in Benidorm, Spain. Make sure to check out this feed when it’s night there. The coastline is unbelievably gorgeous, but the lights from all the buildings along that stretch are also truly breathtaking.

5. Clearwater Beach in Florida

If you like a beach cam that offers a healthy dose of people watching and activity, this one might be your speed. The frame is mostly sand, so you can be jealous of the people strolling along. You can even check out the beach volleyball action.

6. St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands

This one streams from The Fred, a resort and spa in St. Croix. You’ll see the blue waters the Caribbean is known for, and a banner in the corner of the video will let you keep tabs on the current temperature there.

7. Trouville-sur-Mer in France

This beach cam rotates, giving you a new perspective to look at every second. The bottom half of the screen is all sand, letting you do all the people watching you want.

8. Playa Del Carmen in Mexico

This cam gives you a wide view of the beach. The result is similar to what you’d see off your balcony in your hotel room – swaying palm trees, plenty of sand, and the sun hitting the water to make it glitter.

9. Cleopatra Beach in Alanya, Turkey

Cleopatra, or Kleopatra, Beach offers a dramatic viewing experience, with the romantic-looking cliffs off to one side. You’ll also get a great view of the horizon on this cam.

10. Folly Beach in Charleston, South Carolina

Are you a hard-core surfer who wants to check out the conditions even when you aren’t on the beach? This might be the beach cam you’re looking for. With a reputation for great surfing, you’ll see people riding the waves. Plus, you’ll get a great picture of a pier off to one side, and plenty of sand.

Live the Beach Life Even When You Aren’t There

Just because you don’t have the vacation time or the funds to be at the beach today doesn’t mean you can’t experience it. With beach cams, the beach can be in your life any time you choose.

So, grab a frozen cocktail, pull up a beach cam, and use your imagination.






SHANNON SERPETTE is an award-winning journalist, having received 10 Illinois Press Association writing awards across a wide variety of categories. An avid metal detectorist, Shannon spends most of her vacations at the beach searching for buried treasure. Follow her daily adventures on Twitter.




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