LPGA Champion Exemplifies Triumph of the Human Spirit

Recently we watched a video of Sophie Gustafson, five time LPGA champion and winner of 28 professional tournaments, speaking of her journey to overcome a lifelong stutter and describing the new techniques that have worked for her.

We have long been inspired by Sophie here at the 30A Company, and the recent video showed a new life had opened up for her after 44 years of stuttering. We wanted to share her story with our fans because she is one of the people who inspires us to live our best lives every day. Life does shine.

The amazing video she released shows her speaking for 4 minutes without stuttering. In writing about this feat, her longtime friend and award-winning sports journalist Ron Sirak, said the video brought him to tears.

One take my friends
I’m excited 😃
For my Tony Robbins friends “I’m taking the island and burning the boat” 💪🙏

Posted by Sophie Gustafson on Saturday, 17 February 2018

Sophie spoke in the video (and to Sirak) about her recent meditation and breathing exercises that helped her record that video and how she uses these in her every day life to change the Stop sign in her speech to a Yield sign. She added that long walks on the beach also helped!

After she was introduced to Tony Robbin’s life coach Steve Gill, Sophie says her life changed.

“Meditation, breathing exercises and tapping into how she is feeling when she speaks her best have combined to transform Sophie’s stutter,” Sirak writes.

Sophie shows off the 30A patch on her golf bag!

“Stuttering is a state just like happiness, depression or any other state,” Sophie said. “I need to work to get out of that state. Now, I’m able to do that when I’m meditating. The goal is to be able find the fluid state when I’m around people, talking normal. And then as the final step to be able to do it in front of a crowd. It’s not going to be easy but at least now I know it’s possible.”

Read the entire article and interview with Ron Sirak here.

We applaud Sophie Gustafson’s unfailing spirit, her past and future accomplishments, and the drive she possesses daily which inspires us all.


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