Malibu Pan American Water Ski Championships - 30A

Malibu Pan American Water Ski Championships

Pickos Ski and Wakeboard School

Photo: Jacqueline Ward Images


Over 150 championship water skiers from 9 countries (including the U.S., Canada and countries throughout Central and South America) are here in Santa Rosa Beach this week to compete for both individual and team Gold medals! This Saturday (September 15th) is the final day of competition.

Tucked away in an otherwise quiet neighborhood in Santa Rosa Beach, the Pickos Ski and Wakeboard School is truly the world leader in water ski and wakeboard vacations and instruction. Training both novices and world-class athletes, the school has one of the finest and most complete ski facilities found anywhere in the world. In the past, these world-class facilities have been host to the Southern Regionals, the U.S. Nationals, The U.S. Open, The Jr. U.S. Open, and the 2000 Pan American Championships… and now, it’s hosting the 2012 Malibu Pan American Water Ski Championships.

This extraordinary event is being held at 307 Slalom Way in Santa Rosa Beach, with parking for spectators available along Sugar Drive. Concessions and a beer garden are available on-site, with proceeds to benefit the American Water Ski Educational Foundation.

Sincere thanks and congrats to Cory Pickos and his team for bringing such world-class talent and international attention to our community. No one should miss this incredibly rare opportunity to see world champions fly across the water, as they strive to set world records and compete for GOLD!