Miss Maddie’s Sea Turtles

Thanks to 30A fan Patti Westbrook for sharing this story:

<< One morning last week my five year old great niece mentioned to her Mom that she wanted to see some sea turtles. She has learned about the sea turtles from her parents through books and videos and knows that it is our responsibility to protect them. That very day, the short video of the Sea Turtle heading back into the gulf was posted on your 30A Facebook page so I shared it with my niece, who of course, watched it with her children. Afterward, Maddie drew her version of the Sea Turtles and their nest. She drew a Momma and Daddy turtle because in her world, Momma and Daddy do things together. She drew the eggs in the sand, Mom and Dad heading back to the water and a little flag to let the public know to protect the baby eggs and stay clear. She even named the mom and Dad but don’t ask me their names! Looks like Lawlee and Patchegux maybe. I have attached it here. I hope you all enjoy it! >>

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