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Ultimate Beach Cart: The OME Wanderr

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever carried three kids, a few chairs, towels, toys and snacks on a 60-yard trek to secure your place in the sand, you’ve wondered if there was an easier way to make it to the beach without breaking your back. Turns out, you are not alone because someone finally created a solution to make that beach haul a breeze.

The O.M.E. (an acronym for Oceans, Mountains, Earth) Wanderr is durable 5-in-1 piece of recreational gear that’s a new must-have for beach and outdoor lovers.

The Ultimate Beach Cart

The full strength of the ultimate beach cart


The durable yet lightweight cart weighs-in at just 35 lbs and comes complete with a patented wheel design that rolls easily even on sand and rough terrain. The Wanderr has a payload of 150 lbs, making it possible to carry just about anything you need for your beach excursion, picnic or camping trip. But, here’s what really makes this cool outdoor toy different from the lesser wagons in the market:

The Wanderr quickly converts into a field chair, low chair (think beach), fully reclining lounger, and even a cot — all with a 250 lbs weight rating.

With the Wanderr in tow, many of those recreational headaches subside, and all those jaunts from the car to the beach suddenly become a lot more pleasant. Ditto for those days spent at the ball field, or at your favorite state park.

The cart is also a chair

The cart can be turned into a beach chair

Fully layout in a flat chair

Here are some of the specs of the OME Wanderr:

– Seating capacity of 250 lbs
– Carries 150 lbs of gear in cart mode
– Fully reclinable in low chair and lounger mode
– Dual cup holders
– Tough aluminum frame that is weather and salt water resistant
– Durable UV resistant fabric
– Patented Sandtrakz® wheels that roll easily on various terrains, including soft sand
– Total product weight 35 lbs
– Comes standard with oversized bungee cargo net to hold things in place when in cart mode
– Comes standard with a large, durable grey tote bag for carrying armrests and other items

ultimate beach cart turned into chair


Live on the beach with our friends at OME Gear Co!

Posted by 30A on Thursday, 17 June 2021

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