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30A Beach Real Estate Trends for 2021

The upscale resorts and laid-back beach communities dotted along Florida’s Scenic Highway 30-A have served as popular vacation destinations for years. But despite the obvious challenges (and perhaps because of them), 30A Real Estate witnessed truly unprecedented growth in 2020, with more and more people finally seizing the opportunity to permanently move to the beach.

What does 2021 have in store for 30A beach home prices? Here are some of our top 30A real estate predictions for 2021:

1. More Full-Time Residents

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that many of us can work from home – or from anywhere! With this new knowledge, many people are choosing to leave larger cities and take the plunge that they were originally saving for their retirement years. After all, living full-time in paradise is infinitely better than the typical one-week vacation. Unlike some beachside communities that have seen an influx of older retirees, Scenic 30A saw many families moving here in 2020, including digital nomads who want to live, work and play at the beach.

2. Rising Rental Income = More Home Sales

“Bed tax” revenues keep climbing here along Scenic 30A, which means more people are vacationing here than ever before. And when people rent on 30A, they quickly fall in love with our little beach towns. Rising rental revenue not only makes second home investments easier to cashflow, but it also means more people are now asking themselves, “Hey… why don’t we just move here?” More rentals = more home sales in the pipeline.

Here are all beach real estate predictions for 2021 by Jimmy Burgess & Angela Ragsdale with 30A Real Estate:

Five 30A ????️???? Real Estate Predictions

5 Beach ???????? Real Estate Predictions for 2021 from 30Arealestate.com:

Posted by 30A on Tuesday, 19 January 2021

3. Limited Supply Will Continue To Drive Up Real Estate Value

Never before have we seen such a low inventory. There simply aren’t enough homes to supply the current demand. That drives up prices. 40% of the land here is protected forest and you can’t build over 4 stories tall (so no monolithic condo towers or skyscrapers). Limited space means properties hold their values… values that only continue to rise.

4. Low Interest Rates = More Home Sales

The dream of getting that second home, a permanent waterside residence, or a beachfront rental became more attainable for people in 2020 and 2021 with very low interest rates. With rates at historic lows, those who need a mortgage to finance their dream property are in luck. And with rentals on the rise, the potential for those homes to pay for themselves continues to rise with the proper expert help.

5. Watch for Explosive Growth North of Choctawhatchee Bay

The communities north of Choctawhatchee Bay, including the quaint, small towns of Freeport and Defuniak Springs, are experiencing a wave of growth, as people discover the laid-back small-town lifestyle those communities offer. Waterfront property along both sides of Choctawhatchee Bay will become increasingly valuable, as will property in those charming communities north of the bay, where real estate prices are more affordable for families and retirees alike.

6. 2021 Is Shaping Up To Be Another Record Real Estate Year

A multitude of conditions led to 2020’s incredible growth, and 2021 is poised to potentially exceed even last year. All of the things that make this place a highly sought-after place to live continue to be true today. Friendly. Safe. Great schools. World-class dining. Outdoor activities. Resort amenities. Growing infrastructure. Business opportunities. And, of course, 30A’s truly unrivaled white sand beaches.

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