‘Blue Dog’ Sculpture Unveiled at Rosemary Beach

George Rodrigue's "Colors of My Mind" sculpture.

By: Mitch Jaugstetter

The Rosemary Beach Sculpture Exhibition opened last Friday with a reception and unveiling of a piece by late artist George Rodrigue, known for his famous “Blue Dog” paintings.

The piece titled “Colors of My Mind” stands 8 feet tall and changes colors in the sunlight. It is one of twelve sculptures on display in Rosemary Beach through October 7.

The concept for Rodrigue’s piece took about 10 years to develop.

“This particular sculpture is very much about its materials and its light. The way it is painted and the way it is presented will very much shock people,” Wendy Rodrigue said of her late husband’s work.

During the unveiling ceremony, Wendy Rodrigue announced that the sculpture would be a permanent addition and donation to the Rosemary Beach Property Owner’s Association.

George Rodrigue standing with his unfinished sculpture in 2009.

“This particular area was very personal to us and that’s why I was so excited to be invited to help George and his legacy be a part of this,” she said.

“George and I enjoyed coming here many times. Not only to visit our dear friends but also to visit schools in Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton counties over a five-year period. We partnered with the Mattie Kelly Foundation and I’ve continued to try to do that.”

Including Rodrigue’s, a total of 12 sculptures are spread throughout Rosemary Beach, created by artists from across the country.

“The purpose of the sculpture exhibition is to enhance the quality and excellence of Rosemary Beach by using sculptures that enhance the architectural character of Rosemary Beach,” Project Manager Tom Kramer said. “It’s a stellar lineup and a wonderful thing Rosemary Beach is doing.”

Rodrigue is excited to see Rosemary Beach embracing such a project.

“Public art is great because it’s free to bring your families around and enjoy,” she said.

Brochures and catalogs with maps of the exhibition are available at the Rosemary Beach Post Office, Rosemary Beach Town Hall or from many of the town merchants.

A smartphone app known as “Otocast” is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play. The app provides an audio tour of the exhibition, with the artists themselves describing their work.

For more information visit rosemarybeachsculpture.com. You can also like and follow their Facebook page here.

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