World's Best Beach Bars: Sa Trinxa, Ibiza - 30A

World’s Best Beach Bars: Sa Trinxa, Ibiza

Playa de Ses Salines, S/N, 07830 Sant Josep De Sa Talaia, Balearic Islands, Spain

From the artists and dreamers of the ‘60s to bug-eyed ‘80s ravers and the glamorous jet-setters of today, Ibiza’s magnetic allure for pleasure-seekers of all persuasions has endured through the decades.

Whilst Ibiza is an ever-shapeshifting place, its soul remains eternal — a place of carefree abandon. A place where freedom of expression and anything-goes reigns supreme.

While upscale resorts and glossy beach bars now pop up non-stop, there is one beach bar that’s changed little in its 40-year lifetime. Nestled in a corner of the White Isle’s most southerly tip, Sa Trinxa is the living, breathing embodiment of Ibiza’s bohemian spirit.

Stroll along the powdery sands of Salinas Beach and you’ll spot the iconic blue handpainted sign atop a roof of palm fringes fading under the glare of the Balearic sun. Row after row of white sun loungers line their way across the sands, while a long green Astroturf catwalk leads you over rugged rocks, down to the glistening Mediterranean.

More chiringuito than chichi, Sa Trinxa’s barefoot sensibilities and warm, inclusive atmosphere are a seductive draw for tourists and the island’s characters alike. From the hip crowd to hippies, on any given day you’ll rub shoulders with VOGUE-clutching fashionistas, local Spanish families, globetrotting nomads, an incognito celeb, and perhaps even the odd octogenarian nudist.

Serving the freshest of seafood and excellent cocktails (and arguably the best cava sangria on the island), Sa Trinxa has got plenty going for it, gastronomically. Park up in the cool shade of its palm-leaf roof and savor some just-caught octopus and prawns alongside a papaya salad. Wash it down with a killer cocktail — or pressed-juice if you’re shaking off the previous night’s excesses still.

The best days at Sa Trinxa are spent lazing on a lounger as the gentle throb of the DJ’s tunes aligns with the lapping of the sea. Ease your way into the sunset with some cocktails as the sun dips below the horizon and the DJ’s tempo picks up. You may even catch a live sax, guitar, or djembe performance.

In Ibiza’s era of five-star mega establishments, Sa Trinxa’s unapologetically humble vibes are a defiant testament to a place with soul and an incredible legacy. When it comes to superior sounds, over the course of its existence, Sa Trinxa has launched countless DJs’ careers, whilst becoming the go-to spot for blissed-out daytime beats.

Perhaps no one captures the essence of Sa Trinxa more than its iconic namesake DJ, Jon Sa Trinxa. His story is classic Ibiza legend. Upon arriving in Ibiza penniless in the ‘80s, he got knocked down when hitch-hiking. Sa Trinxa’s late founder and owner Nito Cardona came to his rescue, bringing him to the bar where he fed him and cleaned up his wounds in the sea.

The following day, Nito’s DJ was a no-show, and knowing that Jon liked to spin records, he invited him to play at the bar. Word soon got out, and Jon steadily grew a following, putting Sa Trinxa on the map for locals and the growing mass of European and international party-seekers in the early ‘90s.

Playing a kaleidoscopic mix of jazz, techno, and classical, Jon’s sonic journeys were the laid-back prototype for what’s known as the Balearic sound. Jon’s presence is so vital to the island, he was the inspiration for the recent documentary, Born Balearic: Jon Sa Trinxa & the Spirit of Ibiza. In the documentary, he is the lens through which Ibiza’s colorful international culture and community are witnessed in all its glory.

Sa Trinxa no doubt owes much of its success to the transcendental beauty of its surroundings.

Taking its name from the salt flats that sit behind it, Salinas Beach is framed by a striking nature reserve.

Crystal clear waters, softly undulating dunes, and banner blue skies make it one of Ibiza’s most loved beaches. At the very end, an old pirate watchtower still guards the coastline.

If you can tear yourself away from your sandy dancefloor at Sa Trinxa, explore its mesmerizing surroundings and immerse yourself in the raw natural splendor of one of the few remaining places that capture Ibiza’s elemental energy and character.

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