Scenic Walton Seeks Community Involvement for Beautification of Walton County - 30A

Scenic Walton Seeks Community Involvement for Beautification of Walton County

Scenic Walton recently announced that it has officially joined a nationwide movement to promote and support beautification projects in local communities throughout the country. The local Scenic Walton chapter, formerly Scenic Corridor Foundation, now joins other communities nationwide, becoming part of the Scenic America and Citizens for a Scenic Florida network.

“Scenic Walton’s mission is to improve the quality of life in Walton County, increasing property values and helping make infrastructure and private development more sustainable and in keeping with the character of the community,” said Leigh Moore of Scenic Walton.

“Joining forces with Scenic America and Scenic Florida gives us access to new resources and ideas from other communities working to make their homes and businesses more beautiful and more valuable,” said Moore.

Scenic Walton is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that champions initiatives to preserve and protect the scenic nature and beauty along the roadways of Walton County that promote high standards of development and public space design leading to increased property values, a robust business environment and beautiful surroundings. The organization is already working with the community on numerous local projects including a pedestrian underpass at the intersection of Hwy. 98 and 30A in Inlet Beach and a new initiative to move all above-ground utilities underground.

The chapter now seeks community members and business leaders who are eager to help.

“For example, we’re looking for members to participate in focus groups that can help us identify and prioritize future beautification projects,” said Leigh Moore.

“This is our home, and we want to find people eager to help keep our community special. We also have some very exciting news about Scenic America, which we look forward to sharing in the next few weeks,” said Moore.

For more info, or to become a member, visit Scenic Walton, call 850-588-1877 or send an email to Membership dues are tax-deductible and are used to support programs and operating costs.