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Six Killer Apps for Beach Lovers Everywhere

We know you — you’re a sand-loving, water surfin’, can’t-get-enough-of-the-sunshine beach junkie, and you take your beach time very seriously.

Whether you’re checking the weather for the minute-by-minute forecast or keeping an eye out on the wave report of the day, you don’t mess around when it comes to your coastline time.

We’ve laid out six top beach apps that will help make your beach trips a breeze.


Looking to catch a sweet wave on your beach trip? Surfline is the perfect app for people looking to get a good forecast on water conditions at your favorite water spots.

Free users of this app will get a three-day forecast, while subscribers can get up to a 17-day forecast for their local surf spots. It isn’t just surf conditions and forecasts, though. Surfline gives users a feed of wind conditions, wave heights, and tides, so you can stay truly up-to-date.


It’s important to protect your skin at all costs from the sun’s harmful rays.

With iTanSmart, you can calculate how much sun your skin can take and measure when you should get into the shade or put on more sunscreen to protect your body.

You’ll simply enter your skin type, the environment (beach), the type of sun protection you’re using, and the current time of day. With this information, your app will use its built-in timer to let you know when you should take a break from the sun and duck into the shade. Sweet!

The Jellyfish App Lite

Discover and learn more about amazing jellyfish species but more importantly, find out if there are jellyfish sightings near your beach location.

It bills itself as a one-stop-shop for safety and identification of jellyfish of the world. Expert jellyfish knowledge at your fingertips!


With Packpoint, a free app for all phones, you’ll never forget another vital item as you pack for your day at the beach or your entire trip TO the beach.

With the app, create a trip profile, establish a destination and a place to stay, and create a custom checklist for your trip!

Weather Timeline & Dark Sky

Regardless of the weather app that came on your phone, this is beach time, people, and there’s no room to mess around.

These two apps are the perfect solutions for all your weather and beach planning needs.

Dark Sky, which is available for the iPhone for about $3.99, is a no-nonsense forecasting app that gives you ample time and warning about rain, sun, and inclement weather on an hourly basis. It’s best for hyper-local forecasting and can pinpoint your exact location for accurate weather reports.

Weather Timeline is a $0.99 app for Android that provides ad-free weather predictions, tons of data-driven information about your local weather, and forecast-melding from dozens of different agencies to create accurate forecasting.

We know you’re bringing your phone to the beach. Stock up on these handy beach apps and get ready for peace of mind while you’re there.

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HANNA MARCUS is a beach-loving Floridian who travels the country hunting down natural wonders she’s always wanted to explore — of course, many of them are beaches. She’s a passionate writer, dog-lover, and friendly optimist who hopes to spread her love for the beach to everyone she meets.

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