SONDER Project Builds Much-Needed School in Malawi Village - 30A

SONDER Project Builds Much-Needed School in Malawi Village

By Meaghan Moylan

There are months, weeks and days of preparation that lead up to every trek. Those who have traveled with The Sonder Project before try and prepare you: “There’s nothing like the welcome ceremony!” “Your life will be forever changed.” “You’ll want to take the children home with you!” They are exactly right.

When our van pulled up to the village of Makakani, Malawi, we were immediately surrounded by the members of the community. They were singing, dancing, and giving us the famous Malawian welcome.

The children of Makakani were traveling almost 9 miles round-trip to school every day. Young children were drowning in the rivers during the rainy season, and adolescent girls were getting sexually assaulted on the long journey.

The entire village showed their gratitude to The Sonder Project for bringing Aphingo School to Makakani; a gift this community has been waiting for since the 1980s.