The Sonder Project Ends First Year with Big News

The Sonder Project helped build this school in Bagyambin in Burkina Faso, Africa, in 2015.

Along with YOLO Board and 360 Blue, The 30A Company is a proud founding partner of The Sonder Project, which was born here in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. As we wrap up our first year as a non-profit fighting hunger and poverty — locally and around the world — The Sonder Project has some pretty big news to celebrate.

This month, our organization completed construction of a new school in the village of Bagyambin, Burkina Faso, Africa. The new school will make education possible for 77 students in the village, which is a huge milestone in a country where 78 percent of the population is illiterate.

Click here to photos of the new school.

Our team also completed construction of a water well in the village of Nabadogogo, Burkina Faso. Prior to the completion of this project, the 3,500 people living in this village had to spend hours and walk miles to retrieve filthy water needed for survival. With a water well now in their community, they can enjoy clean water near their homes and use their most valuable resource — time — in more productive ways.

A water well was finished in Nabadogogo in December 2015.
A water well was finished in Nabadogogo in December 2015.

Also, our team’s new Project: feed program (which collects and distributes non-perishable food items that are often left behind in vacation rentals) continues to grow at lightning speed. In fact, we just shipped out thousands of food donation bags to our vacation rental partners across the country, enabling leftovers to be collected and then donated to food banks and charities in each community.

Hear more about these exciting developments in this 30A Radio interview with The Sonder Project’s Executive Director Sarah Hockett:

Learn more about The Sonder Project and get involved!

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