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Stunning Beach Photography: Capturing Nature’s Night Lights

Susan Gunn is a self-professed “nature freak” with photography in her blood. After vacationing on the beaches of 30A for years and falling in love with the area, she made the permanent move from Atlanta and never looked back.

Susan Gunn

“I am really drawn to the beach because it is my favorite place to be, and lightning, well, it’s the energy and power of it that draws me,” says Susan.

“Lightning strikes are as unique as fingerprints, and even the smallest bolts are one of the most powerful forces in nature. They are beautiful, natural night lights as long as you practice safety while shooting!”

‘Coastal Storm’

Over time Susan has come to specialize in long exposure low or “no light” photography at night. She rarely uses an external artificial light source (like flash) and instead focuses only on the light emitting from the subject she’s shooting.

“If I can show and share the beauty of this place through my photography, if I have made one person FEEL something with a photo, my job is getting done,” adds Susan.

‘Lunar Rainbow Storm’

“I had a woman message me that she was in the process of moving to Panama City Beach when Hurricane Michael hit. She was actually held up in her brother’s home here when it struck and wiped out everything.

“She wrote to tell me that she has PTSD from her experience, but that after seeing the lunar rainbow shot with lightning, she felt moved and inspired to attempt to return here permanently this October.”

“That really makes me happier than anything else.”

You can find Susan’s shots on Instagram @susangunnphotography and @girlswhobolt as well as her website

JESSICA ROBERTS is a Santa Rosa Beach writer and event producer. When not working or writing, you’ll find her out on the water or traveling somewhere new.


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