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The 30A Company Featured in Forbes

The 30A Company loves when our story is shared to a wider audience, and Forbes magazine definitely fits that bill. Writer Abigail Abesamis spoke to 30A about our line of recycled shirts and apparel in, bringing our lifestyle brand into focus for Forbes readers. The article includes an interview with company founder Mike Ragsdale who outlines the company’s goal of becoming fully environmentally friendly.

“Since first introducing the t-shirts to 30A fans in fall 2016, the brand has sold enough shirts to keep 1.2 million plastic bottles from entering landfills and waterways, Ragsdale reported, who adds, “and we’re just getting started.”

The article headline says it all: “Meet The Beach Lifestyle Brand Cleaning Up The Earth, One Recycled Bottle T-Shirt At A Time.” 30A’s line is now sold in 200 retail outlets across the country as well as three stores in Santa Rosa Beach and on

Ragsdale adds, “Our mission is to share our authentic love of the beach, and that passion is rapidly growing into a global movement.”

Read the full article on and follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@hey30A) for great beach content every day. To check out our full line of 30A recycled shirts and other apparel visit one of our retail stores in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida or at


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