One Suit to Rule Them All: The Versakini

Picture courtesy: Official Versakini Facebook Page

If you are wondering which swimsuit to flaunt at the beach this year, oh boy, do we have the suit for you! The Versakini is the ‘it’ suit for 2018.

Versakini swimsuits are fully transformable bikinis (yes, a one piece, too!) with reversible prints. Kelsey Duffey and Amanda Perna, a Project Runway stand out, are the lead designers of these vibrant and bold swimsuits. The design was originally pitched on Shark Tank as the Mix Bikini where it received investment from Barbara Corcoran, one of the TV sharks. That started the suit on its journey to become this modern marvel.

Not only is it stylish and innovative, it’s made from premium lycra fabric to last multiple seasons.

How does the Versakini transform itself? For starters, the top and bottoms are reversible, offering two color choices.

Thick straps transform into twisted straps, lace-up tops transform into cut-outs, and a modest one-piece instantly transforms into a flirty bikini with a few simple twists and folds.

Check out the ‘morph bottom’ for a stylish array of possibilities. From modest to boy short to full skirt, we can’t get enough of this uber flexible suit.

The company, which has patented some of the suit’s pieces, is also focusing on other interchangeable accessories including beach towels, dresses, bracelets, and more.

Versakinis ship with a style guide and a couple of accessories to help achieve your favorite looks.

Comfortable, stretchable and modern, the Versakini takes packing light to the next level.

Imagine showing up to the beach with a small bag and parading a new look everyday! With its mix and match, fun styling, the Versakini is certainly stirring interest among beachwear enthusiasts. Mix it up this beach season and try this suit on for size.

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