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Beach Bonfires on 30A – Everything You Need to Know

Posted Jan 1, 2020

Think you’ve got this whole 30A beach thing down?

Well, let’s see … you’ve cheered the sunset ringing of the bell at Bud & Alley’s and you’ve YOLO’d your way across Western Lake … but have you experienced the magic of a bonfire on the beach?

When you combine the fun of a campfire (s’mores, cuddling and shared laughter) with the dramatic beauty of the beach at night, it becomes an experience that is hard to top.

Cool sand between your toes, the warmth of a roaring fire, the sound of waves crashing in front of you while burning embers float upwards towards the sky – it really is an extraordinary experience. Plus you can do it with only one day’s notice, so for a spur of the minute fun time, this can’t be beat.



Of course, the only thing better than enjoying a beach bonfire is not having to haul all the chairs and coolers down to the beach, setting up the fire pit, and then cleaning up the ensuing mess in the dark.

South Walton has plenty of companies willing to come down to the beach and set one up for you – and they know how to do it right.

Bonfires on 30A are one of the best beach experiences.

If you’d rather do it all yourself, it’s not hard to obtain a permit from the South Walton Fire District. Cost is $50. Visit their website for more info.

WARNING: Fines for a not properly permitted or executed beach bonfire range from $200 to two months in jail, so make sure you understand the rules and regulations before setting out on your own.

Go ahead. Book your own beach bonfire.

SUSAN VALLEE has been writing about the beauty and quirkiness of 30A for longer than she’d care to admit. Susan is the author of Meet Me on 30A.