YOLO Board and The 30A Company Announce New Partnership – 30A

YOLO Board and The 30A Company Announce New Partnership

Two local companies — YOLO Board and The 30A Company — announced a major new partnership that will span numerous lines of business, including retail, merchandise, rental services, tours, marketing, charities, events and more. Both companies are true “South Walton originals,” born in Walton County.

Jeff Archer founded YOLO Board in 2006, armed with the motto “You Only Live Once” and a deep passion for sharing the emerging sport of standup paddling with the world. Mike Ragsdale created the 30A lifestyle brand around the same time, and the two companies have experienced dramatic growth ever since.

“Jeff and I have been friends ever since I moved here, before either of us started our current companies,” said Ragsdale. “Over the years, we’ve routinely shared ideas and inspirations for growing our respective companies, and I’ve been astounded to witness YOLO Board’s evolution into an internationally known brand.”

Picture Perfect

A Picture Perfect Partnership

Archer said that the two lifestyle brands and companies share natural synergies.

“YOLO’s roots are firmly planted here along Scenic Highway 30-A, while The 30A Company is all about promoting our local lifestyle, including activities such as biking and paddling,” said Archer.

“Our brands have always shared an informal alliance, but now that both companies are moving into a new phase of rapid growth, it makes sense to combine our resources and strategic visions.”

Ragsdale said that the new partnership involves many moving parts, including an annual line of custom 30A YOLO Bikes, 30A YOLO Boards, paddles and other related accessories.

“We’ll also be announcing new joint 30A / YOLO social and charitable initiatives soon,” said Ragsdale. “The partnership will impact both companies and our community in so many exciting new ways. We’re really setting the stage for the next 10 years.”