30A Charity License Plates Raise $84,000 for Scenic Walton - 30A

30A Charity License Plates Raise $84,000 for Scenic Walton

Florida’s new Scenic Walton / 30A Charity License Plates have already raised over $84,000 for Scenic Walton, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that promotes projects designed to improve the quality of life in Walton County.

“All of the money goes to promote beautification and safety projects throughout Walton County, not just along the beach,” said Leigh Moore, Executive Director of Scenic Walton. Scenic Walton’s mission is to improve the landscaping in roadway medians, reduce litter, promote underground utilities, expand infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, and other projects.

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Walton County locals rallied to support the cause with over 3,000 registrants signing up to get the tag. Like all Florida specialty license plates, the 30A charity tags cost $33 per year. The State of Florida keeps $8, and the other $25 goes directly to Scenic Walton.

“So many people helped make these charity tags a reality, especially an extremely generous grant from the J.W. Couch Foundation,” said Moore. “Everyone at the county and state level has been so supportive, as have local media partners and influencers. The whole community really pulled together to make this happen.”

Moore said that the 30A / Scenic Walton tags are the only specialty plates that generate revenue exclusively for community projects in Walton County. “It’s such an easy and affordable way to help keep Walton County safe and scenic.”

Designed by Gulf Coast native Jake Meyer, the license plate depicts the famous blue “30A” logo against a silhouette of Western Lake, one of Walton County’s most famous vistas.

Visit your local Florida Tax Collector’s Office or follow the steps outlined here to get your 30A Charity License Plate today.

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