Crissy Thibodeau Reveals Favorite Local Haunts and Treats She Swears By! - 30A

Crissy Thibodeau Reveals Favorite Local Haunts and Treats She Swears By!

This week, Crissy Thibodeau, Owner of Thi Bod Fitness, tells us what cheat meals and local hangouts she can’t get enough of!

1. What’s the best place for a night out?

Nothing beats Fleming’s Prime Steak House – my absolute favorite spot for a night out! Chef Innocent is beyond amazing. He makes sure everything is to your liking, he knows us so well that he knows when we can and when we can’t have dessert.

2. What makes living at the beach so special?

My favorite thing about on 30A is undoubtedly the crystal clear water & the sunsets, they can’t be beat!

We try very hard not to take where we live for granted. Sometimes you just have to jump on your beach cruiser and take a tour down 30A to remind yourself how lucky you really are to live in paradise.

3. Most delicious menu item?

My favorite menu item would be the White Pizza from Grimaldi’s. You can really tell they use fresh ingredients since the flavors are gloriously magnified! That, combined with their coal-fired brick oven, I leave with super happy taste buds!

P.S. Don’t forget to add extra garlic and fresh basil.

4. Three favorite local spots?

a) 30A Burger for obvious reasons! But believe it or not, I go for the grilled chicken sandwich, and say ‘No’ to the fries…sometimes!

b. Grand Boulevard because it’s always buzzing and there are so many things to do at any point in time. Whether you want to grab a drink, eat a delicious meal, see a movie, or have dessert, it really has everything you need, even Publix!

c) Anywhere where the sun is shining and there’s water nearby… which is pretty much everywhere around here!

5. What do you do in your free time?

My free time is dedicated to a few of my favorite things – my husband Joe, our twins Bayne & Bryce, and working out! We love to travel when we can and take mini road trips to explore new cities and experience new things.

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