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Best Beach Bags That Mix Style with Function

By Shannon Serpette

A day at the beach can require a lot of gear. You may want to bring a towel, sunblock, a water bottle, your phone, shades, and some reading material with you. You’ll want to carry as much as you can so you can maximize your time in the sand – and that requires a heavy-duty beach bag.

Here are our top picks for trusty beach bags you may want on your shoulder.

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1. Best Use of Pockets

F-color Mesh Beach Bag

This bad boy has nine pockets, including eight exterior ones, so you can quickly and easily spot what you need without ransacking through your whole bag. With this beach bag, you can keep often-grabbed items highly visible by sticking them in all the outside pockets. GET IT HERE.

2. Best Waterproof Beach Bag

Marchway Floating Waterproof Bag

If you need a waterproof bag that will keep all your gear dry and go with you on your water-based adventures, this Marchway bag might be the answer. If it gets away from you, the bag will float, so you don’t lose everything. GET IT HERE.

3. Best Multi-Purpose Beach Bag

Red Suricata Mesh Bag

When you need a bag that can be used for more than just beach days, the Red Suricata bag is a good option. This breathable mesh bag can double as a grocery bag that will help you cut down on your plastic bag consumption levels. It’s cute enough to use for overnight trips, too. GET IT HERE.

4. Best Backpack Beach Bag

Speedo Ventilator Mesh Bag

Mesh bags are a good option for the beach because they won’t trap the sand, and if they get wet, they will dry fast. This backpack is lightweight and has comfortable shoulder straps for carrying. GET IT HERE.

5. Best Storage Capabilities Beach Bag

Shylero Beach Bag

This bag is so huge that it will suit anyone who is packing for multiple people or who like to bring everything they might need with them to the beach. It even comes with a bottle opener and a built-in key holder. GET IT HERE.

6. Best Beach Bag for Families

Fitfort Beach Bag

This beach bag has a detachable cooler, which is excellent news for parents. You can pack a few snacks to tide your kids over, and they’ll stay cold during your day of fun in the sun. It can fit up to 12 drinks so your family will stay hydrated.

The bag can also hold multiple towels and has enough pocket room for the little things like sunblock, phones, and sunglasses. GET IT HERE.

7. Best Beach Tote with Beach Mat

Raytix Beach Tote

If you’d rather use a mat than a towel when you’re at the beach, this three-in-one set has you covered. You’ll get the tote, a beach mat, and a small cooler. The cooler can hold up to 12 cans, and the double shoulder straps make it a cinch to carry. GET IT HERE.

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