Bike Path Etiquette – Your Guide to Biking Along Scenic Highway 30A

The 30A Bike Path Along Draper Lake

By Jenny Snelling Etheredge

It is no secret that the 30A Bike Path, also known as the Timpoochee Trail, is an amazing way to explore the unique coastline of South Walton via bicycle, foot, or any other preferred human-powered method.

Stretching 18 miles along the complete length of Scenic Highway 30A from Dune Allen to Inlet Beach, the bike path is paved and generally flat, making it an easy and fun experience for the whole family — furry friends included.

Following a few general guidelines while on the bike path will ensure an enjoyable experience for all trail users.

If cycling or skating, please yield to pedestrians, as they have the right of way. View the trail as a roadway and abide by the same rule of staying to the right and passing on the left. A courteous announcement such as, “On your left,” is always appreciated when passing another. When stopping to enjoy the view or take a rest, please stand off of the trail and allow others to pass to the left.

30A’s Timpoochee Trail

Additionally, be respectful and never litter, including removing and disposing of pet waste. Keeping pets under control, on a short leash and on the right-hand shoulder will keep everyone safe.

Florida law designates that all bicycle riders or passengers under the age of 16 must wear helmets and no bicycle rider regardless of age is allowed to wear headphones of any type. Finally, when riding at night, please be safe and use head and tail lights after dark.

Observing simple etiquette ensures that cycling along the path will offer the ultimate 30A experience—from enjoying breathtaking vistas of the rare coastal dune lakes to peeks at the aquamarine waters of the Gulf to observing all of the exquisite architecture of the varying coastal communities including Rosemary Beach, Seaside and WaterColor.

Have any expert biking tips or advice? Please share your comments below!

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