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Protecting More Than Just Your Skin: New, Eco & Marine-Friendly 30A Sun Care

Shine On Living and The 30A Company introduced a new line of high-quality sun care products that are friendly to fragile marine eco-systems. Both companies are based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and are committed to eco-friendly products and lifestyle choices.

30A Branded SPF 30 Sunscreen, 30A Aftersun & Everyday Moisturizer and Aloe Recovery Gel are now available at and in all 30A Store locations in Santa Rosa Beach.

Many sunscreens on the market contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, chemicals that harm the environment and destroy marine eco-systems, including coral reefs. The beaches along Scenic Highway 30A feature many unique works of natural beauty. Two of the most ecologically vital are the coastal dune lakes and the artificial reefs. It is imperative that they and the marine life that live within them are cared for properly.

The new 30A® branded line of sun care products features 30A SPF 30 Sunscreen, which is free from these harmful additives. Instead, the new line uses zinc oxide to protect against UVA and UVB rays, which are safe to use on body and face.

Apply evenly prior to sun exposure. Reapply after prolonged swimming, towel drying or vigorous activity. Natural-mineral SPFs create a physical barrier between the sun and our skin.  They are designed to be “rubbed on” not “rubbed in” and a little bit goes a long way.

The new 30A marine-friendly sunscreen is here! A few tips on how to apply. ???????????? (Get some here:

Posted by 30A on Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Along with the 30A Sunscreen, 30A Aftersun & Every Day Moisturizer, and 30A Aloe Recovery Gel are also part of the new line of 30A branded products developed by Shine On Living.

The products are made with natural, organically grown ingredients and are sold in recyclable packaging.

Hawaii and Key West were among the first destinations to ban sunscreens that contain environmentally harmful additives oxybenzone and octinoxate. These substances can harm developing coral, increase coral bleaching, and cause genetic damage to coral and other marine organisms. The state of Florida and many other coastal communities are considering similar legislation.

In 2016, 30A launched a line of shirts made from recycled plastic bottles to help reduce the amount of plastic going into landfills and waterways. An interest in eco-responsible sunscreen followed suit. “As a coastal brand, we strive to create products that not only reflect our sincere love of the beach, but also demonstrate our responsibility to leave the lowest impact possible on the environment around us,” said Mike Ragsdale of 30A.

“Along with The 30A Company, we share a passion for the beach and preserving our natural environment. Both of our companies are committed to supporting and educating consumers about marine eco-systems and helping to protect them just as we protect our own skin,” said Keith Miller of Shine on Living.

More great info about the new 30A line of ????sun care???? products, free from the harmful chemicals that destroy reefs and other marine life. Shine On Living, LLC

Posted by 30A on Tuesday, 25 June 2019

The new line of 30A Sun Care products is available now through retail outlets, and online at and

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