GulfSouth Soccer Club Clean Up Grayton Beach Post Hurricane Sally

GulfSouth girls Soccer Club ‘06. All photos by : Jacqueline Ward Images
By Will Estell

When it comes to keeping our beautiful 30A beaches clean, it takes a collaborative effort by us all. One group that recently came together to make a positive beach clean difference is the GulfSouth Soccer Club ‘06 girls team.

20 members of the team, along with parents, siblings, fans and friends met at Grayton Beach to do their part, and more, in cleaning these beaches of debris left after Hurricane Sally.

Many of the team’s players rode out Hurricane Sally in this very area, as well as, staying in the area through Hurricane Michael. This, along with their love of these beaches and waters, compelled them to give back in some way after this latest storm.

The GulfSouth ‘06 girls are ranked an impressive 13th in the entire state of Florida, having defeated top contenders in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi within their region of play.

In addition to being phenomenal soccer players, these girls continue to serve as impressive role models for subsequent and future teams coming after them. Their representation of their team and the 30A area is greatly appreciated by many.

For more info, visit GulfSouth Soccer or follow them on Facebook.

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