How is a Ukulele Made? Watch Driftwood Guitars Build One for 30A - 30A


How is a Ukulele Made? Watch Driftwood Guitars Build One for 30A

Chris Alvarado of Driftwood Guitars created a one-of-a-kind tenor ukulele for the 30A Company, handcrafted from ziricote rosewood, spruce and mahogany along with a 30A inspired inlay.

“I’ve really always wanted to make an instrument for 30A, to represent the brand of 30A because of everything it does for the area.

It’s a great partnership because I’m a local artist and musician and 30A continues to be a champion for the community.”

Alvarado is one of a select few musicians who also doubles as a luthier. His company, Driftwood Guitars, is a nod to guitar craftsman of the past while keeping an eye on innovation and advancing the art. Making art so that others can make art.

‘Luthier’? From the French for lute – a luthier is a maker of stringed instruments, and since 2007, Alvarado has honed his craft to become one of the most sought after artisans in the country.

“There’s a difference between working with wood and working wood,” Alvardo said. “All the guitar building steps are very tactile, something that you just have to feel. You have to get good at paying attention to what the wood wants to do.”

We documented the building process at Driftwood’s shop in Freeport, Florida and reveal the finished product.

Driftwood Guitars has received much acclaim including a Garden and Gun Award for one of the best products Made in the South, and the company has created custom instruments for musicians including Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line to name just a few. See more amazing work on their website.

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