Meet 30A’s Landon Cooper and Ryan Bonhardt at Red Bar


On February 14th, 30A friend and former Red Bar employee Landon Cooper began running from Ocean Beach at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Some 157 days and 3,000 miles later, Landon and his friends (including local Ryan Bonhardt) finished their mad dash across the United States in Ocean City, Maryland. And every single step of the way was dedicated to a person affected by sarcoma cancer.

Please come to Red Bar in Grayton Beach on Wednesday, August 7th, between Noon and 5pm CST to meet and “welcome home” Miles 2 Give Founder Landon Cooper and the team’s Online Director, Ryan Bonhardt.

Miles 2 Give is a 501c3 non-profit foundation that runs across countries worldwide in an effort to raise money for sarcoma cancer research.

During the 2013 tour, the group averaged 28 miles per day across the U.S. and has participated in numerous publicity and fundraising events across the country. The team raised $100,000 for sarcoma cancer research.

Landon CooperLandon Cooper, ultra runner, former semi-professional soccer player, and NBC’s Fear Factor alumni from Helena, Alabama, leads the team of runners. Cooper formed the organization after running hard in a nightlife industry where a coworker came down with sarcoma cancer in late 2009. Ryan Priest, a Chicagoland native serves as team runner and Miles 2 Give 2013 Tour Director. John McKay, Denver resident and former teacher, serves as a running teammate and 2013 Tour Videographer. McKay, an outdoors enthusiast, previously biked across the U.S. and instructs skiers at Vail Resorts. McKay lost his mother to cancer in July 2012 and felt called to serve on the Miles 2 Give team in her memory.

Sarcomas are malignant tumors (cancers) arising from connective tissues in the body: bone, cartilage, fat, fibrous tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. They are a rare and diverse type of cancer, predominantly affecting the pediatric population, and can arise in bone or in soft tissues anywhere in the body. With early detection and aggressive treatment these cancers can be cured in 60-70% of patients. The survival data over the last 20 plus years has been very stagnant and new methods of treatment are needed to increase patient survival rates. Research is the only way to find new treatments and test their effectiveness in battling these rare tumors. Miles 2 Give aims to heighten the awareness of the deemed “forgotten” cancer.

Landon Cooper
Landon Cooper

Miles 2 Give was privileged to have the Sarcoma Foundation of America as a partner during the 2013 tour. Miles 2 Give plans on running across a different country every year, composed of a new team and providing international sponsorship opportunities for unlimited companies.

For more information about sarcoma, M2G apparel, sponsorship opportunities and upcoming events, please visit the Miles 2 Give website at or visit their Facebook Page.

To schedule an interview or public appearance with Founder Landon Cooper or any of the 2013 tour runners, please contact:

Ryan Bonhardt, Miles 2 Give Online Director
(850) 585-8184

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