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VIDEOS: Local Fishing Group Spots Orcas and Pilot Whale in the Gulf of Mexico

30A local Captain Hunter Forbes caught a lucky break on a day excursion about 130 miles southwest of Destin, off the Gulf of Mexico as he and his fishing group spotted a pod of orcas and then later, a pilot whale.

“We were fishing around the oil rigs and switching locations when we spotted them. There were about 10 orcas and a pilot whale. They were swimming pretty fast, around 10-12 knots, and were kind of acting like dolphins riding the wake,” said Hunter.

“We had a pretty rare sighting yesterday of a pod of Orcas in the Gulf during our trip out with Capt. Hunter Forbes. It was awfully strange out there. We saw a pilot whale, raised six marlins, and saw this pod of orcas. The orcas were, of course, a really unusual part but just a strange day on the water,” said one of the members of the group.

Although it is always exciting to spot big fish in the wild, this particular trip saw a pod of Orcas that were leaping out of the water.

Check out some videos that captured the incredible sightings:

It’s important to note that orcas are a widely misunderstood species. Humans have been fascinated by orcas for as long as they have been traveling by sea. With a distinct black and white pattern and intelligence that rivals our own, orcas are easily recognizable. Commonly called killer whales, this species has existed for millions of years, and still, we don’t know everything about them.

To better acquaint ourselves with the social-loving mammal of the deep, here are some facts you should know about this elusive star of the aquatic world.

30A is a beautiful place for fishing due to its diverse selection of fish and plentiful areas for an angler to explore.

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