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Q&A with the 30A Beach Locals

Posted Jun 28, 2019

Founder/CEO, Food for Thought Outreach Inc.

1. What is your favorite part about living here?

As a northern transplant, I am so happy to be raising my children at the beach! There is a wonderful sense of community in Walton County. As a parent, I see all of us supporting each other and looking out for each other’s children. This sense of community, paired with the natural beauty of the beach, has kept me here for the past 18 years.

2. Three favorite local spots?

The beaches on 30A, Point Washington State Forest Trails and Grand Boulevard.

3. Best place for a night out?

When I get a night out with friends or a date with my husband, I love going to Chan’s Wine World and enjoying wine and cheese! Chan’s does a great job with their menu and has been our go-to spot for quite some time! 

4. Most delicious menu item?

I love seafood! Living here makes enjoying my favorite foods easy. The oysters at Black Bear Bread Co/Bar Room are the best.

5. How do you spend your free time?

My best days are spent walking the trails in the morning and taking my family to the beach in the afternoon. 

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