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30A Local Renee Wesoloski on Finding Hidden Gems and Saving Lives

In this edition of 30A Local Q&A, we caught up with Renee Wesoloski, creator of Beach Flags USA.

1. What’s your favorite month on 30A and why?

My favorite month is November. In November of 2020, my fiancé and I decided to take a chance and come to Santa Rosa Beach to do an interior painting job. After closing my salon business of 19+ years due to Covid and my fiancé‘s business being slow, we were blessed with this opportunity. We met a local business owner who told us to “take a leap of faith“ and live in “a slice of paradise,” so we took her advice, packed up our things on December 25, 2020, and made Santa Rosa Beach our new home, with prayers and fingers crossed. We have since created All Around Painting 30A LLC and are so grateful for the opportunity.

2. What makes living at the beach so special?

Ever since I was a child, I have loved the beach. I was fortunate to go on annual beach family vacations once a year and since I am a July baby, I spend every birthday by the water.  There is something soothing, calming, and intriguing about the beach that has always captivated me. I am so blessed and fortunate to be able to finally have my dream of living at the beach come true.

3.  What is something you were looking forward to?

As 30A and the beach became my home, I became actively involved in learning and educating myself about the beauty of our waters. To my dismay, I learned that not many who visit our beaches have adequate knowledge of our beach flag system and its importance. Seeing how many lives are saved by our beach lifeguards as well as accidents that happen due to rip tides in the severity of the waves, I decided I needed to do something.

I self-funded and created Beach Flags USA, a wristband brand that emulates the flags and educates visitors about the significance of beach flags.

I’ve reached out to the TDC and would love to collaborate with rental owners and other business owners in the area so that we can have a wider reach. The wristbands are for each family member to put on when they get a text message in the morning as a reminder to stay safe in our beautiful gulf waters. It is a small but effective solution to bring awareness about the seriousness of the situation, given the influx of thousands of visitors in our area each year. I’d be happy to answer any questions via email and can also be reached at 850-499-5563.

4.  Three local spots and why are you love them?

The Grove is a hidden gem. The owners are wonderful, the staff amazing, and the food and drinks are unbelievable.

Another favorite is The Crab Trap over at Destin. We experienced Crab Trap while celebrating an anniversary and learned that they smoked the tuna daily. It is the most amazing tuna I’ve ever had. I also highly recommend their Keylime pie and the overall hospitality.

Shunk Gulley is yet another favorite. The menu is unique, the view breathtaking and the service is unfalteringly impeccable.

5.  Where do you go when you need some quality me-time?

Beach Happy ????️ ???? Visits Gulf Place

How many of you have been to Gulf Place? ????‍♀️

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Posted by 30A on Saturday, 30 January 2021

One of my favorite places to go to for some me-time is Gulf Place. I walk across the street and go on the upper deck of the pavilion and I can see out for miles. Sometimes, I get swept away just watching the waters and other times I enjoy watching everyone enjoy the beautiful emerald coast. I find peace there no matter the time of day.

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