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Scenic Walton’s New Campaign Highlights the Area’s Natural Beauty

Scenic Walton, a local non-profit focused on preserving and protecting the visual environment, has teamed up with JWC Studios to create a powerful collection of videos and stunning images that showcase the natural beauty of the county.

The campaign is designed to attract additional supporters and donors to engage with Scenic Walton as it advocates for scenic preservation in the face of development.

The video and images were developed by JWC Studios, the video and multimedia production division at the J.W. Couch Foundation. Unlike other production ventures, JWC Studios is a charitable program that is building its business with a unique and powerful philanthropic goal in mind: to create compelling video and multimedia assets to help non-profit organizations achieve their missions without incurring significant costs.

“For non-profits that are trying to attract new donors and supporters, storytelling is everything. You need great photos and videos to help tell those stories, but those assets can be expensive and time-consuming to create,” said Sean Couch, president of the J.W. Couch Foundation. “We’re introducing a new take on philanthropy by making those services available to qualifying non-profits at no cost.”

To launch this new model of support, JWC Studios is partnering with Scenic America, the only national environmental non-profit dedicated to protecting the scenic qualities of America’s parks, open spaces, roadways, and neighborhoods, to create a series of photos and videos featuring picture-perfect locations across the country.

Walton County is the first location to benefit from this effort.

“We can’t showcase the beauty of Walton County without having the right images and video messages to help tell our story,” said Scenic Walton’s executive director, Leigh Moore. “It has been an honor to work with JWC Studios to pilot this new program that puts our scenic beauty front and center.”

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