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Things Locals Wish Visitors Knew About Our Beaches

Come on. What do the locals really want you to know?

Whether you visit for a summer vacation, weekend getaway, wedding, or a celebration of any sort, we have so much to offer you.

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Read on for some tips from locals to make your trip the best one yet!

1. Be excited!

This one seems easy enough, but let’s be honest, sometimes vacation planning of any sort brings along some stress. Along 30A while you are here, don’t just settle in one spot and miss what all we have to offer! Each tiny beach town is perfect in its own way and you don’t want to be so sidetracked that you forget to give yourself time to get excited and be a kid again, no matter your age.

“Visitors should be excited to visit the most beautiful and unique beach town in the world.  Our sugar-white sand and incredible views will amaze you. The beauty of our distinctive dune lakes adds to the enchantment of our area.

I’ve been here for over 8 years and the sights still take my breath away!”

– Ashley Singleton,

Camp Creek Coastal Dune Lake

Camp Creek Coastal Dune Lake

2. The dunes are off limits!

Beach Happy 🏖️ 😎 Visits Coastal Dune Lakes

How many of you knew 😲 THIS⁉️

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As beautifully daunting as they may be, they are farmore than a pretty picture. Keep yourselves out of trouble on your visit by staying off of the sand dunes!

“I wish visitors knew before they arrived to our beaches that sand dunes are off limits. We need our sand dunes to help protect inland areas from coastal water intrusion and help with beach erosion. They grow beautiful grasses and house many animals!”

– Amy Wright,

3. Less is more!

We are all guilty of “over packing” when it comes to traveling, am I right? Next time try to bring less with you. Plus, that means there will be more space for you to take things home when you leave!

“I wish folks would realize that “less is more”. You can have an amazing time at the beach without tons of plastic toys. Try taking a trip here and force yourself to not bring as much stuff. Then, you find yourself exploring and spending more time with the beauty of this place. Seriously, why would you set up a corn hole game on the beach when you have never walked a coastal dune lake? Also, remember we are not just a beach destination.  We have a bay! The bay is full of life and can be just as much fun as the beach. Get a tour from one of our local charter guys and learn about the bay, rivers and Intracoastal waterways that dump into the bay.

Come here with an open mind, less stuff and a spirit of adventure.

You will be amazed what you will learn while not worried about an SUV full of stuff!”

– Bobby Johnson,

30A Sailing

4. We are more than just a beach!

Our beautiful beaches may be what attract you to our area, but we have so much more to do!

While you are here try checking out the coastal dune lakes, hiking trails, fishing, kayaking, local boutique shopping and weekend markets. There are multiple online resources to utilize if you want to truly experience our area and all we have to offer.

“I wish they knew more about the northern end of the county where we have beautiful rivers and streams that make for a great day trip.”

– Greg Fisher,

Empty can on the beach

Photo by Flickr user Maxence.

5. Respect the environment!

We ask that you leave no trace when you visit our area, meaning please don’t leave anything behind. Leaving things such as trash, beach equipment, or anything else behind poses a danger to wildlife and it also ruins the beauty of our area.

“I grew up spending many early mornings fishing and working on our dreamlike beaches. It was a way of life to respect and keep them serene.”

“The Emerald Coast has made millions of cherished memories for us all, let’s enable that to continue for our grandchildren’s, grandchildren.”

– Zack Rosicka, century21bluemarlin

6. Read the signs!

We often get so caught up in taking in the scenery that we ignore posted signage. This can result in troubling times if you aren’t careful! Remember to always be aware of what is around you.

“I wish they would read the signs! The surf flag signs, for their own safety, the turtle nest signs, for the turtles’ safety, the “leave no trace” signs, to keep our unique ecosystems free from trash, and the speed limit signs, because locals aren’t on vacation and can’t drive 20 under the speed limit and be on time to work.”

– Dannica Lowery,

7. Remember you are blessed!

No matter the reason that brings you to our area, remember while you are here how truly lucky you are to take some time to sit back and relax.

Whether it is alone, or with all of those you love, laugh a little louder and smile a little bigger. It will make it even harder to head home.

Enjoying the water wearing a 30A hat“Our beaches are blessed. There is a feeling of calmness the moment you put your toes in the squeaky white sand. Once you are set up you can’t help but admire the beautiful turquoise color of the water. Water that is the perfect temperature no matter what time of year! I’ve been in the water in January! Another thing that I love about it, and I haven’t noticed on any other beach around the world, are the seagulls. So many of them! They are so comfortable around you! Sometimes I feel like I just stepped into a movie. Last but not least, at the end of the day you get to contemplate the majestic sunsets! Which to me are daily reminders of how blessed we are…”

– Geraldine Sangsland,

Is there anything you’d like to add to this list? Please let us know in the comments!