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The constant ebb and flow of the Gulf tides create a natural rhythm here, and that tempo certainly carries over into 30A’s passion for live music.

Whether it’s an outdoor concert featuring regional headliners, an impromptu celebrity jam session at Red Bar, or just another laid-back night listening to our world-class local talent, South Walton’s music scene is as bright as the white sands on its shores. features the area’s most comprehensive live music calendar… although hey, if we’re missing something, please be sure to let us know! It’s free.

There are also free 30A iPhone and 30A Android apps, to put South Walton’s daily menu of live music right in your clapping hands.

Greg Barnhill on 30A
Photo: Shelly Swanger Photography

For vintage vinyl fans, you should really check out Central Square Records in Seaside, and true music lovers will not miss the annual 30A Songwriters Festival held every January. It’s an incredible and unique live music experience.

30A even has its own anthem, “Life Shines (The 30A Song)” by #1 Nashville songwriter, Bryan Kennedy. Download it on iTunes now, then check out the video, shot right here in various places along 30A and out on Grayton Beach!

30A Cottages chooses beach houses for their comfort, amenities and style, and each home offers a unique beach experience. We look forward to talking with you about your perfect beach vacation and how we can simplify every step of your planning. Stay on 30A, and forget where you’re from.

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