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What is 30A Style?

By: Lauren Hunter | Posted Oct 18, 2022
By Lauren Hunter

When you think of 30A, you probably think of idyllic cottages, leisurely bike rides, and long days spent at the beach. 

30A is home to a variety of different communities. From Rosemary and its European coastal flare to Seaside and its cottagey, small-town feel, all the way down to Blue Mountain beach where it’s much more relaxed and less curated, there’s a variety of styles found all along 30a. 

For an area known for its beautiful landscape and architecture, but at the same time offers so much diversity, how do you dress the part? 

Let’s dive into the unique style of each major 30A town starting at the West end. 

Blue Mountain Beach 

Blue Mountain Beach is arguably one of the lesser curated towns and with it comes a much more laid-back style. Here you’ll find locals’ favorite shops like For the Health of It, Blue Mabel, and Blue Mountain Bakery all of which you’re just fine showing up in workout clothes or a swimsuit and cover-up for the ladies or for the men, a t-shirt over your favorite pair of workout shorts or swim trunks!

Grayton Beach 

Grayton beach’s logo is ‘Nice dogs, strange people and if that doesn’t tell you enough about this eclectic town, I don’t know what will. 

If you’re visiting this town you’re most likely grabbing brunch at Blackbear, working out at Grayton Beach Fitness, sipping on a Billy Ocean after a long beach day at Chiringo, or eating dinner at Red Bar. 

Anything goes here. You could show up wearing red sequin cowboy boots, a Lily Pulitzer dress, or jean shorts and a bikini top and you’d fit right in. For the guys, this is the perfect beach town to wear the fun button-down and a comfy pair of shorts. That’s the beauty of Grayton Beach, no matter what you wear you look like you belong!


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Seaside is undoubtedly one of the most iconic beach towns in America. When you think of 30a, you likely think of Seaside’s idyllic neighborhood and bustling town square. The overall style of Seaside is ‘simple and beautiful’ just like what its motto says. 

When you visit Seaside, consider packing with comfort and class in mind. 

Ladies,  be sure to bring your favorite white eyelet top, the cutest athleisure set you own, and that linen summer dress you’ve been dying to wear (and don’t forget your favorite swimmies!) For the guys, pack soft, plain t-shirts, chino shorts, and Lulu Lemon workout attire. And of course, no one can go wrong with wearing a famous Seaside logo t-shirt or crewneck hoodie! 

Alys Beach 

Alys Beach is one of the most beautiful beach towns along 30a and has the accolades to back it up. Inspired by Bermudian architecture, this is by far one of the most stylish 30a towns. 

If you need inspiration for what to wear, look no further than the Alys Shoppe. For the ladies, you’ll find silk scarves, flowy summer dresses, and perfectly tailored linen sets so no matter what cobblestone street you’re walking down you’ll fit right in. For the men, think coastal European. You’ll like you walked out of the Alys Gazette in a fitted pair of khakis, three-button polo, and a pair of loafers. 


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Rosemary Beach 

Rosemary Beach is another classy, refined beach town known for its European style streets and breathtaking homes. You can’t go wrong with drawing inspiration from the architectural style of the town’s buildings. 

You’ll find wearing organic materials like silk, linen, and cotton compliment the earthy hues of sage and terracotta scattered amongst Rosemary. When packing to visit, for the ladies consider packing linen trousers, long, flowy dresses, a few cute athleisure outfits, silk blouses, and some chino shorts. For the men, think James Bond casual: collared button-downs, chino pants and shorts, and plain t-shirts. 

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Lauren Hunter was born and raised in Destin, Florida, but grew up coming to 30A often as her family’s business is in Grayton beach. She considers 30A home & loves getting to-go breakfast from Blackbear for picnics, long days at the beach, and getting together with friends for Seaside movie nights.