Brook Stetler Talks About His Favorite Events, Activities, and Restaurants to Experience 30A Like a Local - 30A

Brook Stetler Talks About His Favorite Events, Activities, and Restaurants to Experience 30A Like a Local

We spoke to Brook Stetler, Executive Director of The REP Theatre, to find out some of his favorite tips for experiencing 30A like a local. Check out what he had to say:

1. Where do you go when you need some quality me-time?

For quality me-time, I like to grab my dog and go on an adventure exploring the state parks, trails, and different communities along 30A. Some of my favorite spots are Gulf Place and the Western Lake Trail. I also like to go over to Central Square Records and find some new music in their used records section.

2. What’s your favorite dessert on 30A?

Borago’s Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee. Credit: Borago Restaurant

My favorite dessert on 30A is Borago’s Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee. It’s like a grown-up pudding cup. Best enjoyed while seated at the bar with friends and a glass of wine.

3. What’s your favorite local event?

I have two favorite local events. The first is The REP’s annual Tribute Concerts. It’s a one-night-only event that features the area’s finest musicians getting together to pay homage to a selected artist. The second is Seaside’s Halloweener Derby. It’s like a NASCAR race with Dachshunds and their puppy fans.

4. What’s your favorite way to stay fit on 30A?

Performing in and putting on our outdoor shows at The REP is a great workout. Lots of sweat. I recommend more people try it.
I also like to catch a yoga class, get out and paddle on the water, or join a game of pickleball.

5. What’s something you’re looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to the Escape 2 Create artist residency program in January and February. The program brings an influx of new artists to the area and it is a great time to discover new works, get inspired, connect, and collaborate on future events.

BONUS: Three favorite local spots and why you love them.

Chanticleer is one of my favorite lunch spots. Nice setting, the food is amazing, and their White Chocolate Coconut Cookies are so good I want to cry.
Cocina Cubana in Seaside makes fresh spicy chicharrones that are still crackling when served. They’re only $2 and go great with everything.
– Being backstage right before a performance begins.

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