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The Most Scenic Picnic Spots on 30A, Florida

By: Shannon Serpette | Posted Jul 28, 2021

Picnics are one of life’s simple pleasures. Eating outside with a beautiful view seems to make food taste better and cocktails more enjoyable.

Those looking for 30A picnic spots have a lot of choices, including some of these inspiring locations:

1. Thomas Pilcher Park

This park can be found under the U.S. Highway 331 bridge and the Clyde B. Wells bridge.

If you don’t feel like spreading a blanket out on the ground for your feast, you can use one of the three picnic shelters there.

If you prefer to eat hot food rather than cold, there are grills available for use.

2. Grady Brown Park

The Grady Brown Park features a sandy beach that runs along the Choctawhatchee Bay and is an amazing place to kick back with your picnic basket. Afterward, you can go kayaking or for a stroll and take in the sights.

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3. Eden Gardens State Park

If you’re in the mood to see some man-made majesty while you munch, Eden Gardens is a wonderful choice. It features a historic mansion with gorgeous white columns and a wrap-around porch. Tree lovers should be sure to check out the mossy oak trees. This park is a great spot for some hiking or paddling to burn off your lunch or dinner.

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4. Cerulean Park

Located in Watercolor, this park is loaded with tropical flowers and monarch butterflies.

For nature enthusiasts who also like to see fountains and bridges, this picnic spot is hard to beat. If you time it right, you might be able to take in a musical performance or an art festival while you eat.

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5. Deer Lake State Park

For a more unusual landscape, sightseers can head to Deer Lake State Park, a coastal dune lake and beach in Santa Rosa. A boardwalk can carry you across the dunes, so you can swim or walk the beach after you’re done eating.

6. Grayton Beach State Park Pavilions

Grayton Beach is known as one of the most gorgeous beaches in the country. It also has picnic pavilions that allow you to soak in the beauty. You can find some of them at the beach and some at the Western Lake boat ramp. You can’t book them in advance, so it’s smart to get there a little before lunch so you can snag a spot for your meal.

7. Camp Helen State Park

At Camp Helen, you get views of the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Powell.

With 180 acres, there is a lot to explore before and after your picnic.

You can walk the beach, kayak, hike on the trails, fish, and swim. With plenty of picnic tables throughout the property, you can find a great spot to eat. One word of warning, though: No alcohol is allowed.

8. Hogtown Bayou

Hogtown Bayou is a more secluded choice for a picnic. It has protected waters, pine trees, and plenty of solitude for a break from the tourists. If you want some quiet time to think about life while you eat, this is a good bet.

Take Some Time to Unwind

Picnics are a fantastic chance to recharge, daydream, and find your center. All you need is a good spot, some great scenery, and decent weather and you’re good to go for an afternoon of fun.

Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know via email.

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