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A Chair, Sand & Movie Under the Stars… Chef Matt Moore Talks Favorite Beach Essentials

Posted Nov 29, 2019

We caught up with Matt Moore, Food & Beverage Director / Executive Chef at FOOW to find out what keeps him #BEachHAPPY!

1. What’s your favorite local event?

I cook for several, including Emeril’s Taste of the Race in Seaside, but overall Mountainfilm Festival always amazes me. It wins.

2. What’s your favorite way to spend time outdoors?

I’m born and raised in the country, so just a good front porch and a rocking chair typically does the trick. I’ll still ride a horse or play golf when possible. Our golf courses have stunning views for sure.

3. Where do you go when you need some quality me-time?

We live at the beach, so all I need is a chair and sand. I’ve also been known to just skip town for a couple of days to Atlanta, NOLA, Orlando, Nashville, etc. to eat at new trendy spots.

4. What’s something you’re looking forward to?

Well this is outside of 30A, but Belinda Moore (my mom) has never been on a plane or to NYC and just recently, at 64 years old, asked me to take her to see the city and the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. What she asks for, she receives! I threw in The Lion King on Broadway, too.

Executive Chef Matt Moore

5. What local restaurant/ park/ activity is underrated or underappreciated?

I think what defines a great food program is the ability and willingness to create dough, whether it’s pies or breads, etc. In addition to FOOW, I appreciate the work of art at Black Bear Bread Co., as well as Jim Richard’s place, Stinky’s Fish Camp.

I probably don’t visit our local parks as often as I should, but in terms of the view and tranquility, I always drive through Blue Mountain Beach when I can and stop at Western Lake. I think I saw Justin Gaffrey’s painting of the tree line when I moved here before I even saw the actual thing, but at first sight I was in awe and realized why that tree line is such an iconic photo of our area.

Paddleboarding – while one heck of a workout – is underrated; once you’re on the open lake or even the Gulf, you’re stress-free and, most of the time free of phone service, so you’re able to just enjoy some the natural wonders of 30A with no interruption.

BONUS QUESTION: What makes living at the beach so special?

30A specifically is so close yet so far away from everything we need. It’s very special in that we have great food with great views, a small group of locals that we know and love, and we can leave work at any given time and be at the beach within one minute. To me, the beach is relative to the ability to enjoy life so easily.

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