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Everything You Need to Know About Dogs in South Walton

The people of South Walton share many passions. The vibrancy of each neighborhood is characterized by a love of culture and art, and of course it’s hard to live down here if you’re not a beach fanatic. There’s one other thing that many people here can’t live without — their dogs. Check out our 30A pet gear!

Grayton Beach’s unofficial motto is “nice dogs, strange people” and the artsy Shops of Grayton even feature a long mural with illustrations of many of the dogs who have lived in the area. Other neighborhoods like WaterSound have included dog parks in their developments.

While there are plenty of dog-friendly places in South Walton, the county does not allow all dogs on the beach. This confuses many people who live or visit here (we weren’t even sure how to answer all the questions) so we decided it was time to clear things up.

“The New Dogs of Grayton” mural shows off the town’s pooches.

Just what are the rules for dogs on the beach in South Walton?

In 1987, Walton County passed its first animal control ordinance, citing the need to protect citizens from uncontrolled animals as certain areas became more urbanized. The ordinance included a section requiring residents and property owners to obtain a permit in order to have their dogs on the beach.

In 2015, almost 30 years later, over 2,000 residents and property owners bought permits for their furry companions.

“We are proud to be a county that considers ourselves dog friendly,” said Louis Svehla, spokesman for the Walton County Commissioners.

“This ordinance really strikes a balance between safety and allowing our residents the opportunity to enjoy our beaches with their pets.”

How can I get a permit?

To get a permit, you’ll need to prove that you’re a resident or property owner in Walton County. You can show that by bringing a copy of a utility bill, your driver’s license or a tax receipt to the Walton County Clerk’s office.

The permit costs $40 and a it’s a $10 fee to replace your tag if it gets lost. All dog permits are valid beginning August 1st and expire July 31st each year.  Click here to apply for a dog permit.

Dog owners also must provide a certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian showing their pet has been vaccinated for rabies.

It’s important to note all names on the documents need to match. That means the name your veterinarian prints on your pup’s rabies vaccination sheet needs to match the name on your application and the name on the proof of ownership or residency.

Once I have a permit, what are the rules?

Make sure that your dog stays on a leash while walking on the beach and bring bags to pick up any waste they may leave behind.

If you don’t like carrying around annoying plastic bags every time you walk your pup, local pet stores like Furry Fanatics and Bow Wow Meow sell handy waste bag holders that you can attach to a leash.

When can I walk my dog on the beach?

Let your dog jump in the Gulf for a morning swim!

Permitted dogs will be allowed on County beaches between the times of 3:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. 365 days a year.

Svehla said the times are in line with when most people want to take their dogs to the beach, but that they are also set up for safety.

“Many people love to get their exercise by walking and quite often this occurs earlier in the morning or later in the day,” he said. “From a safety standpoint, the time frames also limit the potential exposure of dogs on the beach during peak visiting times. This helps to limit any potential negative interactions that may occur when mixing dogs with large crowds.”

Visitors may think the ordinance is a mild inconvenience, but Svehla said it actually works to support both residents and visitors, along with their furry friends.

“We are different than our surrounding counties in that we want our residents to experience our county as a family and enjoy a high quality of life, and more often than not, people see their pets as members of their family,” Svehla said. “This ordinance allows our residents to ‘do life’ with all of their family.”

If I don’t have a permit, what else can I do with my dog?

You can skip the beach altogether and enjoy a number of activities with your pup by your side.

Check out the complete list of dog-friendly restaurants on 30A here.

Many restaurants in South Walton pride themselves on being dog friendly, such as Local Catch, and Great Southern. Most restaurants with outdoor seating allow dogs.

Visit two adorable locally-owned and run pet stores, Furry Fanatics or Bow Wow Meow, and buy your four-legged best friend a special treat or a 30A pet gear!

Several outdoor venues such as Baytowne Wharf allow you to walk around with your dog on a leash and enjoy the events together. Point Washington State Forest and Topsail Hill Preserve State Park are great places to go hiking or biking with your dog. They’ll love the fresh air and explorable trails! (Note: dogs are not allowed on the state park beaches, though).

If your dog is a water lover, take them to one of the coastal dune lakes and do some stand-up paddleboarding.

For more information on the ordinance or on getting a dog beach permit click here.