7 Cocktails You MUST Try on 30A - 30A

7 Cocktails You MUST Try on 30A

Posted Jan 10, 2020

Truly great beach cocktails are not hard to find along Scenic Highway 30A, but we’ve hand selected seven of the best of the best.  Check these out!

1. NEAT  — Southern Disposition

Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka is the base of this cocktail. Add in Benedictine, lemon, orgeat (a rich syrup), and soda. Mm mm, yes!

2. Shunk Gulley — Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon Margarita at Shunk Gulley.

Sauza Blue agave, fresh lime juice, some sweet, some sour, add orange juice and fresh watermelon and you’ll thank us later.

3. Chiringo — Bourbon Smash

Bourbon Smash at Chiringo

It’s so simple, it’s almost a crime to be this good. Four Roses bourbon, a little honey tinted with lemon and mint.

4. FOOW — Beach Hair Don’t Care

Beach Hair Don’t Care at FOOW

Take Coconut Rum, add banana and fresh citrus, and top it with a salted rim for this out of this world concoction.

5. Great Southern’s b.f.f. — The Frosé

The Frosé at Great Southern’s b.f.f.

Start with rose, add vodka, peach and other fruit juices plus peach vodka. Sounds delicious, right?  Then make it a frozen drink and top with a vodka floater. What?!

6. Surfing Deer — Peanut Butter Rush

Peanut Butter Rush at Surfing Deer

A crowd favorite you would not expect. Skrewball peanut butter whiskey (yes, you read that right), plum bitters, honey simple syrup, aquafaba (chickpea juice. No kidding) and lemon juice combine to make one of the best cocktails around.

7. Pescado — Here’s The Dill

Here’s The Dill at Pescado

Yellow chartreuse adds a kick to this mellow cocktail based with gin, lemon, cucumber slices and a hint of dill.

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