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30A Q&A: Locals Put You in the Know

Pharmacy Manager, Walmart Pharmacy

1. What makes living at the beach so special? 

Everyone, locals and visitors alike, seems so happy to be here. Our beach itself is special, but the friendly people who live and visit here are what makes this beach where I want to live.

2. Three favorite local spots?

The Growler Garage: With 40 taps of craft beer and patio seating right on Highway 30A, why wouldn’t you want to hang out here a while? Even if you don’t think you like craft beer, Mitch and the staff can pour something you will enjoy.

The Bay: Going to The Bay restaurant reminds you that the gulf is not the only beautiful water in South Walton. I can tell it has been too long since I visited The Bay when I start to crave a Bomber burger or hot mess roll.

Shunk Gulley: You can’t beat the view of the gulf upstairs at Shunk Gulley. There seems to be live music playing no matter what time you are there.

3. Best place for a night out?

Our go-to lately has been Grand Boulevard. Usually, we go to Cantina Laredo for happy hour followed by a movie. The kids can run around on the green while the adults are finishing up.

4. Most delicious menu item?

The meal that I can’t forget is the scallops at Surfing Deer. If you haven’t been, you should treat yourself soon.

5. What do you do in your free time? 

My free time is most enjoyed when spending it with my family. We like to visit the state parks, go for a bike ride on the bike path, take a ball or a frisbee to the beach and play, or even drive in to Destin for some miniature golf or bowling.

BONUS: How long have you been a local? 

I moved to Dune Allen in 2012, and it is possible that I may never leave.

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