Success on 30A isn’t measured by money, but by how much time you can spend on the beach.

Chef Phillip McDonald, Table Five Private Chef + Catering

A hammerhead putting on a show for “Shark Week” … and before anyone freaks out, there are 0 recorded deaths from hammerhead sharks since 1580!

Living or Dying on 30A

Which one are you doing?

monet 1Surrounded by the natural beauty of Jonathan Quinn’s homage’ to Claude Monet’s gardens, the Grayt Grounds of Monet Monet is a unique event venue, eatery, art gallery and boutique establishment that’s focused on providing a beautiful place for individuals to gather, eat and shop.

Grayt Grounds of Monet Monet recently established an online art auction on their website. Proceeds go to the artists featured, as well as a portion going to the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds. Artwork is changed out online every 10 days with pieces valued anywhere from $30 to over $3,000 dollars. All types of art are featured, including paintings, sculptures, jewelry and more.

 “Our online art auction is just another avenue for building a circle of love in our community with the local artist and beyond,” said owner Cheri Peebles. Continue Reading…

Photo courtesy of Scotty Lisenbe

Photo courtesy of Scotty Lisenbe

By Danny Burns

I had the pleasure of seeing Dread Clampitt at The Red Bar in Grayton Beach recently. I was pleased, though not surprised, by how much the band had matured since the last time I saw them several years ago. We sat down and had a nice conversation in the back room after their second set.

The band started out as a duo featuring guitar player Kyle Ogle and mandolin player Balder Saunders back in 2002. They began using the name Dread Clampitt.

“I had a dream about a name, a funny name, and it just came to me,” said Saunders.

Their first gig was on Labor Day of 2002. Eleven years later they are still going strong as a trio that now includes Kenny Oliverio on bass. They consider each other family; a family that makes music with soul and humor.

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“For this year’s visit, we had custom cupcakes made for our visit by Sugar Biscuit in Fort Worth, TX. They are as good as they look!”

—Gail & David Hallum & Family, Yell’O Forest

beach-guyBy Anthony M.J. Maranise, CMC

Each year around this time, I am blessed to be able to return to 30A and retreat at my home in Blue Mountain Beach. The whole year through, I am taunted by the now infamous blue 30A stickers on vehicles all around and the glow of this very app on my iPhone.

Days ago, before returning to my “home away from home,” I sat in my university library attempting to complete some new research and began daydreaming: “Everyone that visits 30A always speaks about how beautiful the beaches are, how lovely the weather is; even how glamorous the shops and restaurants are, but are those who live and work here just as intrigued also?” Obviously, there is something special about this area so to find out just what that is (beyond those externals that we all know and love) and instead of simply thinking about it, I decided to speak with those who would know best: 30A’s own.

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Virtual Tour of South Walton and 30A

Click here to take a look around!

We’re very excited to introduce the first Virtual Tour of South Walton and Scenic Highway 30A!

Go ahead… Take a first-person spin around each of our beautiful beach communities. Then cruise by our state parks. You can read all about South Walton’s many activities and unique points of interest along the way. We’ll be adding even more info as this fun and exciting new resource evolves.

When you’re done with your virtual test-drive, be sure to click on the photo map (featuring real-time images shared by locals and visitors) and the interactive bike trail map, which highlights all of our local bike routes.

So, what are we waiting for?? …

Let’s get this tour started!