30A South Walton Alaqua Logo 200 New Rescues Need Urgent Help at AlaquaOn Wednesday, May 7th, Alaqua Animal Refuge and The Lucky Puppy Rescue removed a group of dogs from a small animal rescue named Ben’s Place in Bonifay, Florida. The man who ran the rescue passed away and the dogs were left without any place to go, as the county is without an animal shelter. Both Alaqua and Lucky Puppy took in some of the dogs, but neither had space for all of them. To avoid immediate euthanasia, the animal shelter in Chipley, FL was kind enough to allow Alaqua to board them for one week as they to try to place them all. If you are able to sponsor, foster, or place one of these animals, please let us know immediately. The dogs who are being boarded are considered URGENT.

If you are interested in one of these dogs, please email Alaqua now. Please SHARE this news. Alaqua also seeks donations to help with the boarding and care of these animals in need.

30A South Walton 30A Beach Cruiser 960x600 Biking

Click here to rent an Official 30A Cruiser!

One of the most authentic ways to enjoy South Walton’s stunning architecture and natural beauty is to do like the locals do — hop on a beach cruiser and take in the sights at the slower pace that life prefers here.

30A‘s 19-mile paved bike path (sometimes referred to the “Timpoochee Trail”) parallels the entire length of the scenic road and passes through all of its famous beach communities, from Dune Allen in the West to Seacrest and Alys Beach in the East. Enjoy the thrill of biking over rare coastal dune lakes and discovering a side of South Walton that’s difficult to see from a car.

For the slightly more adventurous, there’s Eastern Lake Trail, located within Point Washington State Forest. The trail system has 3-mile, 5-mile and 10-mile trail loops.

Bike rental and repair shops can be found throughout South Walton.

The 30A Cruiser (pictured above) is available for rent at 30ACruiser.com or call 888-750-7606.

30A South Walton Rent Gear Here Biking

30A South Walton Surfing Surfer 960 Billabong Destin Presents 5th Annual Grom Comp at Pompano Joes

30A South Walton gromcompposter use this 300x300 Billabong Destin Presents 5th Annual Grom Comp at Pompano JoesAs part of its endeavour to cultivate the next generation of Gulf Coast Surfers, Billabong Destin is hosting the 5th Annual Grom Comp at Pompano Joe’s in Miramar Beach on Saturday, May 17th starting at 9:00am.

This event is for all skill levels and for ages 6-12 years old. No experience is required and boards will be provided along with instructors to assist the Groms in the water.

The entry fee is $20 ($25 on the day of the event) and every contestant will receive an awesome prize bag. Those interested can pick up entry forms in the shop or print them from the webpage.

The entry forms can be submitted at the shop or can be faxed to 850-424-3555. Spots are limited, so sign your Grom up soon!

For more info, visit Billabong Destin or call 850-424-3553.

30A South Walton unnamed 41 Alaquas Animal Hero of the Month    Johndra Culp

Johndra Culp

Alaqua Animal Refuge announced that local Johndra Culp is their very first Animal Hero of the Month.

The Alaqua team said that Johndra has truly gone “above and beyond” with their special needs dogs.

For example, Alaqua’s sweet senior dog, Daphne, is now in hospice care at the refuge, but she still gets to go on field trips with Johndra. Those are truly Daphne’s happiest days. Johndra takes other dogs on field trips as well, and she does it simply to give those dogs a special day and to make them feel loved.

Johndra is a very special person and Alaqua said that they are honored to have her as a volunteer and are forever grateful for her selfless acts.

CONGRATS to Johndra for this well-deserved recognition!

For more info about Alaqua, please call 850-880-6399 or visit alaquaanimalrefuge.org.

By Shannon J. Winslow-Claunch

​​30A South Walton J Painting Justin Gaffrey    Creating Beauty in Blue Mountain BeachJustin Gaffrey’s art is best described as sculpting with paint.

The big, bold colors in three-dimensional spikes literally jut off the canvas, inviting observers to step inside, get lost in the subject matter and perhaps even concoct their own delightful and imaginative adventure. The swirls of contrasting paint, combined with the unique texture of Justin’s pallet knife beckon those who appreciate fine things to be inspired by creation and by the creator. It is that correlation — between artist, nature and spiritual awareness — that Justin represents.

The latest evolution of his career is about becoming a better version of himself and creating pieces that have deeper meaning. This stage of his artistic journey is a homecoming of sorts, as he seeks to invite those who love his work to visit him at his original artist’s homestead and studio in Blue Mountain Beach.

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30A South Walton Lake Powell Coastal Dune Lake An Emerald Coast Treasure: Learn All About Lake Powell

Did you know that Lake Powell is the area’s largest coastal dune lake and is the only local dune lake designated as a Florida Outstanding Waterway? Coastal Dune Lakes are very rare and occur only in a few places in the world, including Walton County where we have 15 of these precious resources.

30A South Walton unnamed 6 240x300 An Emerald Coast Treasure: Learn All About Lake PowellInterested in learning more about coastal dune lakes?

The South Walton Community Council — whose mission is to advocate for the preservation, protection and enhancement of the quality of life and natural environment of South Walton — will host Emily Ellis on Thursday, May 22 at 7:00pm at the Coastal Branch LibraryEmily will speak about our dune lakes and specifically about the treasure that is Lake Powell.

Set to a compelling soundtrack, her presentation will cover Lake Powell’s history, scenic vistas and waterscapes, followed by a deluge of imagery depicting indigenous flora and fauna. The presentation concludes with an overview of recreation, preservation, conservation and activism. The movie was created for 2013 World Paddle for the Planet, a four-day event which culminated in a 24-hour endurance paddle on Lake Powell.

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30A South Walton 30A Supper Club 1911 Roux 30A is a Secret Culinary Treasure in Grayton Beach

30A friends (including Sean and Kristy of The Long Long Honeymoon) recently enjoyed a private Chef’s Dinner at Roux 30A in Grayton Beach.

The creative vision of Chef Nikhil Abuvala, Roux 30A is part Cooking School, part Catering Business and part private Chef’s Table Venue. Hidden away in an office complex just north of 30A (off of County Road 283), Roux 30A is a fully functional gourmet kitchen where Nikhil can usually be found prepping for his many catering jobs. But his gorgeous open kitchen can also transform into a stunning candlelit dining room, which can comfortably accommodate up to 20 guests.

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We recently received this email from a fan:

Hello. My name is Sam and I am 14 years old. I have a dog named Wilson and I would love for him to be a part of 30A.com. If you would check his Instagram (@wilsonof30a) that would be fantastic! If you could even consider it that would mean a lot. If we could get together sometime and talk, Gaby would be great as well. I don’t know if it would be a first to have a dog on 30A.com. But if it is that would be really cool! Thank you for taking the time to read this. It would mean the world for a response.

Thank you,

Sam H.

Thank you for sharing Wilson’s fun photos, Sam! We especially love seeing his 30A collar and leash… We hope to see you both out on the beach very soon!